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Discover what makes New Zealand’s culture the best, sorties and news from Aotearoa.

new zealand most popular slang

Top 97 Examples of New Zealand’s Slang

Every country has its slang, and New Zealand is no exception. It's so bad that it could be considered some of the most confusing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRxFm70nOrY If you can get over the...
maori nz

Maori Language for Beginners

New Zealand is a bilingual country. English and Te Reo are our national languages. Te Reo is not as widely spoken as English, but you'll often hear some of these...

Ten best 10 Māori Pickup lines

We all love a bit of NZ culture, here at ilovenz we celebrate our Māori heritage, and have put together the 10 best Māori pickup lines for your enjoyment. We...
NZ women most promiscuous

You Won’t Believe Which Country Has The Most Promiscuous Women

According to a global sex survey held by Durex, Kiwi women have an average of 20.4 sexual partners, which is well above the global average of 7.3. This is double...

17 things that will happen to you when you move to New Zealand

Moving can be a very frightening thing. Whether you are leaving your home for the first time, changing your workplace, or moving away for school, it's always difficult to...
bare feet nz

12 things you’ll only understand if you’ve lived in New Zealand

I've lived in New Zealand for almost 2 years and here are the most important things I've learned. 1. People go barefoot everywhere There's someone standing next to you in the...
hungus kiwi slang

NZ Slang: What ‘Hungus’ Means

What the ... ? Hungus, it's a common word in New Zealand slang. What does it really mean? We are here to help. Our...

Voted: New Zealand’s 13 Most Popular Icons

After surveying over 1000 Kiwi's we finally have the top 13 Kiwi Icons. Making this list was not easy, we had many arguments over this list, but...

An honest version of New Zealand

We’ve all heard it before: “New Zealand is the perfect country,” “Nothing ever goes wrong in NZ,” “Do you guys have TV?” or  “I can’t wait to see middle...
arrive in nz

25 questions you should ask yourself if you are new to New Zealand

Arriving in NZ, you'll undoubtedly be shocked and amazed by our cultural mystique. You'll surely have questions, and we think we can predict what they'll be: "Why do you...
learning Maori

Introduction on how to speak Maori

Learning Māori can be very easy once you know how. With the help of this guide you will understand how easy it is. Pretty much the language was documented...
nz cops are not assholes

Proof that not all cops are assholes

We love love New Zealand cops. The entire police force carries less weapons then the average American, and they are always up for a good time. Here is another...

21 times New Zealand proved it was funnier than the rest of the world

Kiwis are a light hearted bunch. Not a day goes by that we embrace our own humility. New Zealand is a set of small islands in the middle of...
naked car wash nz

Video of a naked man in New Zealand taking a shower in a car...

Watch this hilarious video of naked man having a shower inside of a drive-through car wash that has gone viral Filmed in Rotorua New Zealand, he can be heard...
sir edmund hillary

The 14 Most Important New Zealanders

For a little country in the middle of the pacific, New Zealand does punch above its weight. Our beutiful little nation has produced some of the...
tin of cocoa cocoa car door

How to speak like a true Kiwi

Tin of Cocoa, Tin of Cocoa, Car Door! Chur bro, you're in New Zealand now! Foreigners are forgiven for asking if Kiwi's are speaking english, or some new mixed up...
auckland new zealand

5 weird geography facts you didn’t know about New Zealand

New Zealand is an exciting, dynamic country in a constant process of change. Here are 5 topographic and environmental things that you might not know: 1. NZ is developing at about the...
north shore

19 things that you will get if you’re from the North Shore

Auckland's beautiful North Shore is a different world with its incredible empty beaches, friendly cafes, and relaxed lifestyle. Let's explore a few things that only North Shore people will understand: ...

New Zealand ranked the freest country in the world

When we talk about freedom, the USA is often regarded as the freest country in the world, but its official New Zealand leads the way in human freedom. According to...

19 reasons why growing up in NZ was the best

Growing up in New Zealand is very unique and we all love our childhood memories. We have put together 19 of the best things about growing up as a kiwi....
murray ball

RIP Murray Ball, Footrot Flats creator & all-round Kiwi Legend

Footrot Flats cartoonist Murray Ball dies at age 78 after battle with Alzheimer's. Footrot Flats creator Murray Ball died on Sunday at the age of 78 Known internationally as...

10 Least Corrupt Countries In The World

Corruption is one of the world’s biggest threats, it can be found in every nation. Until recently New Zealand has been the least corrupt country in the world shared...

Pohutukawa the New Zealand Christmas tree

New Zealand has another gem up its sleeve and it only comes out at this time of the year. The Pohutukawa is New Zealand's native, Christmas tree. Pohutukawa and known...
new zealand animals

New Zealand has officially recognised that all animals are sentient beings – This is...

New Zealand has set an amazing standard by legally ruling on what pet owners and nature lovers have always known to be true: that animals have feelings just like...
big fresh nz

Remembering Big Fresh, New Zealand’s Greatest Supermarket of All Time

If you grew up in 1990's New Zealand, you would remember the Big Fresh supermarket chain. Looking back at popular 1990's New Zealand supermarket chain Big Fresh, it seems like...
john key cringe

The top 5 Reasons why we will miss John Key

John Key really has had a good run. As one of the most popular leaders, Key has also been one of the most cringe worthy leaders of Aotearoa! We have...

Watch The Best Police Ten 7 Moments

Watch the very best moments from over 500 episodes of Police Ten 7! ? Some of our favorite moments are when they arrested that the guy after he wouldn't come out...

10 Things You Probably Did Not Know About New Zealand

How well do you think you know New Zealand? We bet there are things you have missed! Here is the list of the things you probably did not know about...
viral videos nz

The top 8 New Zealand viral videos of all time

We've got to admit it, New Zealand has a very unique culture. Whether we like to acknowledge it, part of what makes New Zealand amazing is our isolation. This...
rainbows end auckland

17 things only South Aucklanders will understand

17 things only South Aucklanders will understand 1. You feel smug when you go into central Auckland because you know that your tractor is better than theirs. 2. Heading to Spookers is a...
lease corrupt

New Zealand Ranked Least Corrupt Country In 2018

New Zealand's public sector has been ranked the least corrupt in the world in an annual global index. New Zealand scored 89 out of 100 in non-government organisation Transparency International's...
newzeland damsky pansky

Bracelet Giveaway

Win a NZ Bracelet Set! To enter, simply like and share this post to go in the draw for a set of bracelets. The Winners will be randomly drawn 7pm Sunday the 16th of...

15 Reasons You Should Move To New Zealand If Donald Trump Becomes President

If you have ever thought about moving to New Zealand, the perfect time may be in November. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg talked about moving to New...
New Zealand field

33 things tourists think about NZ

We can't imagine that there is anyone in the world who doesn't admire New Zealand. With its picture-perfect views, adrenaline activities, spectacular surroundings, and fantastic food, what's not to...
oh mum look

Oh Mum Look … Sharpen up

Who could forget this classic Kiwi Advert?, New Zealand's version of antique roadshow.
discover viaduct harbour auckland view

19 reasons why you should move to Auckland

A modern cosmopolitan city, Auckland never ceases to amaze us. Home to over a million people, the city is famous for its good food, stunning events, and for being...
taranaki poe e

Watch as Taranaki puts on epic Poi E dance challenge

Stepup Taranaki and the rest of the Naki pulled out all the stops with this epic Poi E dance challenge video. They hope it becomes the largest choreographed dance...
sheep trampoline

Gotta love some sheep jumping on a trampoline

Here's some sheep jumping on a trampoline to make your day
guy williams waitangi day

Guy Williams: Why I love Waitangi Day

Opinion: I didn't really even know what Waitangi Day was until about ten years ago. Growing up in Nelson was very sheltered. It's like The Shire; beautiful hills, everyone...
sboriginal maori anzac haka corroboree

Maori & Aboriginal cultures unite for ANZAC Day Haka and Corroboree

A Noongar Man from Perth has made a call out for local Aboriginal members of the community to join him for a world first Maori & Aboriginal ANZAC Day...

What Americans Think About New Zealand

They don't know the rules, they don't know the players but all Americans really know is that New Zealand is pretty frickin good at rugby. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Y9E0nMtIzM  

5 Things You Should Know About New Zealand

You've heard of New Zealand for its adventure, adrenaline and amazing nature, but the country is a lot more than that. Here are 5 fun and memorable things to...
bumble and friends

You knew that you grew up in NZ when

Isn't it amazing that when you haven't seen this for at least 15 years, yet as soon as it plays you know it word for word.

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your Te Reo?

Take this general knowledge quiz below to see how sharp your Te Reo is. Like quizzes like these? Check this out Like quizzes like these? Check this out

Australian Tony Healy explores New Zealand’s mythical creatures

Water monsters, mystical reptiles, creatures that inhabited the land: Tony Healy has spent a great part of his life exploring these "out-of-place" animals... New Zealand's taniwha aroused his interest a...
things you should never say to a new zealander kiwi funny

37 things you shouldn’t say to a kiwi

40 things you should never say to a New Zealander The stereotypical New Zealander is a chilled-out type who doesn't let much get to them.  As a nation, we have...

American Co-founder of I love New Zealand shares a note from the taxi!

Co-founder of I love New Zealand shares a note from the taxi! Although I’m a native Californian I have had the good fortune to live and travel across Asia and...
the dudes bliss

The Dudes – Bliss

It's not a kiwi Party till this song comes on
nz women drinking

Young Kiwi Women Outdrink Men

A recent study by Massey University found young women drink more than their male counterparts. The study interviewed 2000 people. It found women under 24 years old who purchase...

Auckland Third Best City n the World for Quality of Living

Auckland ranked third in Mercer’s 19th annual Quality of Living survey. The global survey looks at 450 different cities around the world. Mercer’s annual survey is run to for companies,...
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