Pohutukawa the New Zealand Christmas tree


New Zealand has another gem up its sleeve and it only comes out at this time of the year. The Pohutukawa is New Zealand’s native, Christmas tree.

Pohutukawa and known as New Zealand’s native Christmas tree because of the bright red blooms which decorate the trees during the Christmas season.

They trigger memories of long summer days spent with friends and family in, on, around and under these magnificent trees.

Pohutukawa can live for hundreds of years in their natural coastal environment. While it is common to see 100-year-old trees growing in home gardens they can live up to 1000 years.

Nothing makes us more proud than a barbie on the beach with one of the magnificent trees in view.

Here is 7 examples of this protected tree that will make you smile.

Mission Bay

Mount Maunganui


Rangitoto Island


Leisure Island

Golden Bay