25 questions you should ask yourself if you are new to New Zealand

arrive in nz
arrive in nz


Arriving in NZ, you’ll undoubtedly be shocked and amazed by our cultural mystique. You’ll surely have questions, and we think we can predict what they’ll be:

  1. “Why do you have a public holiday for the Queen’s Birthday, but poms don’t?”
  2. “Is there anyone who wasn’t an extra in The Lord of the Rings?”
  3. “What time does Spitting Feathers open?”
  4. “Why do people in rural New Zealand look at me that way when I say I am residing in Auckland?”
  5. “Will you please be my sponsor so that I can stay here?”
  6. “Will you please marry me so that I can stay here?”
  7. “What is a whaka?”
  8. “Could you please spell that for me?”
  9. “Did you just hear the same thing I just heard on the radio?”
  10. “Feijoa. Person, place or thing??”
  11. “Why isn’t that person wearing shoes?”
  12. “Is it important to know who the Briscoes lady is?”
  13. “Okay, so rent is $450. This is for a month, right?”
  14. “Is anyone going to bring my bill to my table?”
  15. “What is EFTPOS?”
  16. “So apart from London and Edinburgh, which other parts of the UK did you visit on your OE?”
  17. “How is this front page news!?”
  18. “So, how long have you been in New Zealand?”
  19. “Is a shore girl really a sure thing? For real?”
  20. “Why doesn’t anyone take the train?”
  21. “Why are the electrical plugs so poorly designed?”
  22. “Will it be considered politically incorrect if I say so?”
  23. Is this a sweet or a lolly?”
  24. “Please can someone explain the NZ health system?”
  25. “Are all the beaches in this country so stunning?”
  26. “How much does a tomato / avocado / punnet of strawberries cost?”
  27. “Why don’t we do things like this back where I am from?”
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