19 reasons why you should move to Auckland

discover viaduct harbour auckland view
discover viaduct harbour auckland view

A modern cosmopolitan city, Auckland never ceases to amaze us. Home to over a million people, the city is famous for its good food, stunning events, and for being somewhere that visitors fall in love with. If you’ve ever dreamed of sailing or flying, then Auckland is your town.


Whether you are an expat, a New Zealander from elsewhere on our green isles, or a tourist who wants some fun in a big city, Auckland is for you. If you are reading this article as an Aucklander, then consider yourself lucky.

  1. We have a Toast Cafe. Sweet, delicious and so tasty.
  2. Bike pub crawls, a great idea for you and your friends to get together.
  3. Ah, that Giapo! Get your dose of ice cream with different fillings here.
  4. Dumplings? Dominion Road is where you’ll find cheap, great quality, and tasty dumplings.
  5. Auckland is a great city from which to go glamping.
  6. For shoppers, we have Topshop, H&M and Zara. Also many, many internationally-renowned local fashion stars!
  7. Our housewives have their own show. (Wait, hang on, should we be proud of that?)
  8. We have not one, but two cat cafes. Meow, meow..
  9. In just 40 min, you can escape city noise and relax in paradise! Waiheke, baby, here we come!
  10. Auckland is a foodies’ paradise – but wait ’til you try the tasty food and beverages at The Blue Breeze Inn. Menu, please.
  11. Oh, Auckland, your sunsets over the city skyline are exquisite.
  12. Our accessibility to everything is limitless.  Visit Bali, and beautiful beaches easily, and anytime.
  13. On the topic of beaches, Piha’s black sands are a West Auckland treat.
  14. Burger lovers, reserve your seat in some of the best burger joints around. For example, Burger Burger, Corner Burger, will save you from hunger!
  15. Auckland was voted as the world’s third most livable city.
  16. Auckland has great night life. No closing at 11pm, and light everywhere. Shots, anyone?
  17. Auckland is one of the most Instagramable cities ever.
  18. Bearded men abound in Auckland, so if you like bearded men…?
  19. We have a cycle path. It’s pink.