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How well do you know New Zealand? Test yourself with our New Zealand Quizzes. From general NZ knowledge to kiwi slang, our quizzes will keep you busy for hours.

funny travel

Only A World Traveller Can Name Every Single Country On This List

Have you crossed all seven seas? Take the quiz below and see you you compare.  
how kiwi are you

Are you a true Kiwi? Prove it in this Quiz!

Take our quiz to find out how well you know New Zealand and if you really are the ultimate Kiwi!   Like this quiz? Check out more here.
nz or uk

Are these places in New Zealand or United Kingdom?

So you think you know New Zealand? How about the UK? Some people thought it was too easy to spot the difference between NZ and SA in our previous quiz,...
how well do you know nz

The Great New Zealand Quiz – for Kiwi History Buffs

New Zealand may be one of the worlds youngest countries, but we have a full and rich history. How well do you know your home land? Many people have said...
once were warriers

Which Once Were Warriors character are you?

Put your hand up if you don't remember being smacked over the head by the visual and emotional assault that is Once Were Warriors. 1994 drama, Once Were Warriors, a...
nz or sa

Can you tell the difference between New Zealand and South Africa? QUIZ

New Zealand... South Africa... Completely different countries.  Or are they? Many Americans can't tell our accents apart.  And while we know New Zealand is undoubtedly the most beautiful country in...

Can you tell if these places are in New Zealand or Australia QUIZ?

We are at it again! Can you tell the difference between New Zealand or Australia in these photos? People complained that the last quiz was too easy, so we created...
how well do you know NZ

How well do you know New Zealand? QUIZ

New Zealand, Land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa. If you live here then you should know what all that means ... right? Hmm, well that could be the case,...

Are These Places In New Zealand or Australia? QUIZ

We like to compare ourselves with others, and New Zealand vs Australia Quiz is always a favourite. We created this quiz to see if you can tell the difference between...
nz kiwifruit

Quiz: 77% Of People Fail This NZ Slang Quiz

Us Kiwi's have our own unique words and phrases, do you know what they all mean?  Test your knowledge of Kiwi slang words, let's test your knowledge and see how...
small nz towns

Quiz: 65% Of People Cannot Name These New Zealand Towns

Some of you thought our last quiz was too easy, so we've made a harder one for you ... Let's test your knowledge of lesser known New Zealand locations - Can you...
kiwi slang munted

How well do you know your New Zealand slang?

If you're new to New Zealand, you're undoubtedly confused by our slang. But don't worry, so are we! Try out our new quiz to test your ability to survive in...
kiwi or ozzy

Are You More Kiwi Or Ozzy?

How do you tell the difference between a New Zealander and an Australian? Some say that you just need to get them to pronounce the food items 'Fish and chips"...

Only 1/8 of Kiwis will get 100% on this test, are you are true...

Have you ever been mistaken for an Australian and do you take your jandals, your togs and your chilly bin to your bach? Like quizzes like these? Check this out Like...

Only 1/5 Kiwi’s Can Name All Of These Places On A Map

Only 1/5 Kiwi's can name all of these places on a map. How well do you know the Land Of The Long White Cloud? Like quizzes like these? Check this...
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