33 things tourists think about NZ

New Zealand field
New Zealand field
South Island New Zealand

We can’t imagine that there is anyone in the world who doesn’t admire New Zealand. With its picture-perfect views, adrenaline activities, spectacular surroundings, and fantastic food, what’s not to like?

Unfortunately though, there are a few things…

As a hot destination, New Zealand sees many tourists and relocated foreigners.

They don’t all love it here so we’ve put together a list of some of the less-positive things tourists have said about our patch of paradise:

  1. New Zealanders do not know to drive.
  2. Why are there so many driving tests to pass? Learners, restricted, and then full? That’s too many.
  3. The public transport in NZ sucks.
  4. But the brunch culture is egg-cellent.
  5. Why doesn’t the bill ever get brought to the table? How strange!
  6. $5 for a single avocado? That’s daylight robbery.
  7. Why do houses have heated towel rails but no central heating?
  8. Aussie and Kiwi accents are so similar.
  9. Pineapple lumps do not taste like real pineapple.
  10. Why would anyone ever order Goody Gum Drop-flavored ice-cream? It’s blue-colored filth.
  11. They also drop the ‘c’ bomb too frequently.
  12. Double-glazing is necessary to block out the sound of cicadas.
  13. Pies are part of lifestyle. But not fruit pies. Mince and cheese pies, people!
  14. New Zealand has its own airline??!
  15. Air New Zealand‘s air safety videos are bizarre.
  16. The Cadbury’s here tastes nothing like the original English variety.
  17. We’ve gotta hand it to you, Whittaker’s is just fantastic!
  18. What? Rugby is a religion?
  19. Is it OK that people only half-flush the toilet?
  20. What’s with the feijoa obsession? Don’t New Zealanders realize how awful they are?
  21. No car insurance? How is it not obligatory?
  22. The towns are pretty and amazing. But they all look the same.
  23. How on earth do people live in Arrowtown?!
  24. Or Palmerston North.
  25. Domino’s is dangerously cheap.
  26. Sugar sprinkles on bread is really odd.
  27. There are so many job opportunities to be had.
  28. Aotearoa is a paradise on earth.
  29. Auckland should be the capital of NZ.
  30. Pronouncing ‘Wh’ as ‘F’ will always feel weird.
  31. Everyone can feel safe living in New Zealand.
  32. Cheque, savings, or credit? WTF?!
  33. You can use EFTPOS for the smallest transactions – it’s fascinating!