Can you pass our general knowledge New Zealand quiz? Are you a true Kiwi or have you just watched the Lord of the Rings? TThis quiz will test how much of a New Zealander you really are.

Good luck!

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How many stars does the New Zealand flag have?

According to Maori legend the leader of the Maori expedition from Hawaiki that found Aotearoa was

What does Aotearoa mean?

At which Olympics did NZer Peter Snell win gold medals for the 800m and 1500m?

Christmas in New Zealand is in which season?

Due to its shape, what is the New Zealand Parliamentary building commonly called?

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark is affiliated with which political party?

Encyclopedia Britannica

How many wickets did Richard Hadlee take in Test cricket?


In 1990, New Zealand became the first country in the modern world to appoint what?

In 1999, Georgina Beyer became the world's first Member of Parliament who was ... ?

In 2001, Pete Hodgson was appointed which new ministerial title?

In the traditional Maori greeting 'hongi', which body parts are pressed together by two people?

What is John Campbell well known as?


Kiwi fruit is native to which country?

Maori people first arrived in New Zealand how many years ago?

In 2012 a NZ weatherman used what language for the first time in a broadcast?

What is the missing mountain? Ngauruhoe, Tongariro…

New Zealand has three official languages. English and New Zealand sign language are two. What is the other one?

New Zealand is part of a 93% submerged continent known as what?

What is the capital of New Zealand?

The first Europeans known to have reached New Zealand were led by Abel Tasman, in which year?

What is the northernmost tip of New Zealand is called?

What year was the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in?

What city is the Art Deco capital?

What farm animal do most people immediately associate with New Zealand?

What is New Zealand's most famous castle?

What is the national bird of New Zealand?

What is the recognised nickname for New Zealand's largest city, Auckland?

What is Wellington's harbour called?

What was the capital of New Zealand before it was moved to Wellington?

When did the New Zealand win gold medal in hockey in Olympics?

Where did New Zealand send its troops in 1999 as part of the UN peace keeping force?

Which city in New Zealand recently suffered a series of devistating earthquakes?

Which islands are in a time zone 45 minutes ahead of the rest of New Zealand?

Which military alliance has New Zealand as its member?

Which mountain is 23 kilometres North East of Ohakune, 40 kilometres South West of the southern shore of Lake Taupo and is part of Tongariro National Park?

Which New Zealand sports team has the best winning record of any male national team?

Which of the following is NOT a bank operating in New Zealand?

Which of these animals can be found in the wild in New Zealand?

Which of these is not a popular New Zealand junk-food?

Which of these words is not a commonly-used kiwi slang term?

Which popular New Zealand comedian, who had their own show, died of a heart attack in 1991?

Which region is known as 'the Fruitbowl' of New Zealand?

Which small island off the southern coast of the South Island?


Who along with Tenzing Norgay is the first to reach the summit of Mt. Everest?

Who became the Governor General of New Zealand in 2006?

image copyright The Governor-General of New Zealand

Who is the Head of State of New Zealand?

Who of the following cricketers played for New Zealand in 1987 World Cup?

Who sings Royals?

Which city in New Zealand constantly smells of sulphur?