19 reasons why growing up in NZ was the best

good night kiwi 1

Growing up in New Zealand is very unique and we all love our childhood memories.

We have put together 19 of the best things about growing up as a kiwi. Check out all the tweets trending on the #growingupkiwi hashtag in NZ now.

19 – Harold the Giraffe


18 – What Now

The best part of waking up on a Sunday.

17 – K Bars


16 – Bugger

Having a legitimate reason for using this word.

15 – Fish & Chips


14 – Thingie

Never mind his name, that moment he lost an eye

13 – Briscoes

12 – Traffic Jams


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11 – Goodnight Kiwi

Possibly the best thing about growing up in NZ.

10 – Kiwi Racism

9 – School Assemblies


8 – Bluebird Ghost Chips

We can’t explain it, but there is nothing like the feeling of opening up a bag of air and finding a few chips inside.ghost-chips

7 – Lamb Jokes

6 – Georgie Pie


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5 – The Warehouse


4 – Feeling left out

As if the rest of the world forgot we existed.

3 – Small Towns


2 – Billy T

The Legend

1 – Jandals


Did we miss something? Tell us in the comments below 🙂