Video of a naked man in New Zealand taking a shower in a car wash goes viral

naked car wash nz
naked car wash nz

Watch this hilarious video of naked man having a shower inside of a drive-through car wash that has gone viral

naked car wash nz

  • Filmed in Rotorua New Zealand, he can be heard yelling as the machine washes both his car and himself.
  • The cheeky footage was captured by a local, whose husband spotted the man as they drove by.

In the video, the man in the car wash can be heard yelping as he is scrubbed by the rotating brushes.
Ms Harris and her husband drove past the car wash, Ms Harris asked: ‘What are you up to bro, you’re on crack?’

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Others who posted on facebook have said:

  • “Haha rotorua allgoodz hahaha could be the guy failed a bet too”
  • “I hope that dude is there on Friday when we go HAHAAHAHHA”
  • “Thats why it smells down there”

Many people have wondered if the stunt was a dare, many people discussed on the video to try and work out his thought process, and according to comments from those involved, it was a dare.

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What do you think? Would you do something like this for a dare?