15 Reasons You Should Move To New Zealand If Donald Trump Becomes President

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If you have ever thought about moving to New Zealand, the perfect time may be in November. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg talked about moving to New Zealand if Donald Trump gets elected as president. We all know this is a great idea a good idea.

If you aren’t familiar with New Zealand, then you are missing out on a natural haven of national parks, coastal towns, breath taking forests and pristine beaches that date back millions of years.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to escape the prospect of Trump, Clinton or just to get away to a better life. We highly recommend a visit to this unique and diverse island nation.

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We have put together this list of the top reasons why Americans will move to NZ, why would you move to New Zealand? Please tell us in the comments below.

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1 – One of the greatest sporting teams of all time

2 – Ranked the 4th Safest country in the world


3 – The world’s easiest place to do business

4 – NZ has one of the cheapest cities for living abroad

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5 – Don’t forget the mountains


6 – This is a National Park


7 – One of the best places to go camping


8 – 90 Mile Beach. Well it’s actually 55, but its ‘like’ 90!


9 – There is caves full of glow worms


10 – Some of the worlds best coffee


11 – Sandboarding can be your new workout of choice.


12 – There is more than 8 sheep to every person in NZ


13 – Lots of jobs, NZ has a skills shortage … if you want to make $60-$75/hr in Design, Management or Marketing, NZ is your place


14 – It’s a Hobbits Paradise


15 – The locals are friendly