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What Hungus Means In NZ

hungus kiwi slang
hungus kiwi slang

What the … ? Hungus, it’s a common word in New Zealand slang. What does it really mean? We are here to help.

Our explanation: Pretty much Hungus means that you’re hungry or you ate too many pies.

An example of Hungus spoken in true kiwi style: “bo, I was Hungus as and had the mean as feed, *burp*”. What that really means: “Hey mate, I was feeling rather hungry, it was good food, but I think I ate too much!”.


Definitions from other sources

Urban dictionary
“New Zealand slang for someone who is eating or ate lots because of extreme hunger.”

Anita Hendrieka
“Stop being a hungus!” This refers to someone who loves food a lot.

Absolute Bus
Hungry person eating all the food – e.g. “stop being a hungus and leave us some!”

Urban List
“Stop being such a hungus!” Translation: Hungus = someone who eats a lot of food.

Hungus: When you’re hungry as for a feed.


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