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You Won’t Believe Which Country Has The Most Promiscuous Women

NZ women most promiscuous
NZ women most promiscuous

According to a global sex survey held by Durex, Kiwi women have an average of 20.4 sexual partners, which is well above the global average of 7.3.

This is double the amount of partners that British or Australian women have had.

This means that New Zealand is the only country where women have had more sexual partners then men, who averaged only 16.8 partners.

This study brings up a related health issue … In a recent report, Irish workers helping with the Christchurch rebuild are sharing the love but it seems they are also contracting sexual diseases.

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Irish men reported that they were contracting sexual diseases at an alarming rate. Since Kiwi women have been found to have a lot more sexual partners than other women and the Irish lads might not be used to living somewhere with such high STI rates.

The global survey showed that despite sex being so important, the reality today is that 54% of people are dissatisfied with their sex life. Dissatisfaction is driven by a combination of factors that can be practical such as issues around money, careers and poor work life balance.

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