New Zealand ranked the freest country in the world

New Zealand freest country 1


When we talk about freedom, the USA is often regarded as the freest country in the world, but its official New Zealand leads the way in human freedom.

According to an international research project that has ranked 123 countries, New Zealand has come out #1, with the USA coming in at #7.

In the report covered by the Canadian Fraser Institute, they evaluated how each country measured up in security, safety, movement, expression and relationship freedoms.

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We are proud to declare that New Zealand came on top of the report by offering the highest rating of human freedom globally with the next in line being the Netherlands and Hong Kong and Australia coming in fourth.

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Top 10 Countries:

1. New Zealand
2. Netherlands
3. Hong Kong
4. Australia
4. Canada
4. Ireland
7. United States of America
7. Denmark
9. Japan
9. Estonia

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Bottom 10 Countries:

114. Cameroon
115. Burundi
116. Iran
117. Algeria
118. Democratic Republic of Congo
119. Syria
120. Sri Lanka
121. Pakistan
122. Burma
123. Zimbabwe