The 5 Windiest Cities In The World in 2023

windiest city in the world
windiest city in the world

The next time you complain of the wind, have a thought for the poor people who live in any city on this list. Some have to deal with more than 173 days of constant wind!

When it comes to strong breezes, most cities can’t compare to this list. Wind can blow strong enough to pick you up and send you flying to the next county (almost). Below is the world’s windiest cities on earth, please don’t forget a jacket.

5) St. John’s, Canada

Canada’s most windy city, with almost 16 days of the year with wind gusts of nearly 63km/hr. St. John’s is also #2 on the list of Canada’s worst snowstorms.


4) Dodge City, Kansas

The fifth on our list, with an average wind-speed of 22.5km/hr. In this city, even a small amount of snow can create a wild blizzard due to the crazy force of the wind. The City of Kansas is also lucky enough to sit in the famous “tornado alley.”

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3) Punta Arenas, Chile

If you don’t like dirt, this isn’t the place for you. But do come here if you enjoy daily wind in excess of 23.3km/hr all-round the year.


2) Rio Gallegos, Argentina

Located on the southern tip of Argentina, and it’s not uncommon for wind gusts reaching up to 98km/hr. The annual average is 25km/hr and towards the end of the year winds with more than 48km/hr are considered the norm in December.

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1) Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand is the windiest city in the world with an annual average around 29.6km/hr. Located in what is known a wind corridor between the South and North Islands of New Zealand.

On average Wellington can see 173 days above 59km/hr and 22 days above 74km/hr. Don’t get me wrong, Wellington is a lovely place, on a great day. I mean, they had to create a slogan about it. Usually, that day arrives once every 6 years, I’m still waiting on it. Unfortunately, due to global warming (or freezing in this matter), we may never see this day ever again.


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