Celebrating Wayne “Buck” Shelford

Wayne “Buck” Shelford captained the All Blacks in the late 1980s and was part of the squad which took the 1987 World Cup.


During a test match against the French, Wayne was just running around doing his thing. About 20 minutes in the game, he ended up on the bottom of a pile of anarchy with a bunch of giant rugby players kicking and clawing for the ball.

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In all the fighting for the ball, Wayne was hit in the face that knocked out four of his teeth, and that was not the worst of it!

It wasn’t long after getting sucker punched in the face, a French cleat found its way through the pile and struck him his on his testicles, ripping him open with one of his nuts hanging out.

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While there is a lot more to this man than having his sack ripped open, it is one of our favorite moments in Kiwi sport. Watch below as he describes this moment in detail.