Masterton band are about to hit one million plays on Spotify

masterton band LA women
masterton band LA women


The band L.A. Women can’t believe how well they have done for their single Hurricane Love. They are about to get into the ‘Hall of Fame’ with a million plays on music streaming service Spotify.

L.A. Women released Hurricane Love back in May and has got a lot of attention all over the world.

While there isn’t any music scene in Masterton to speak of, the internet really has helped the artists shoot to stardom.

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The band is made up of Jake Schdroski, keyboardist/lead vocals and Zac Emerson, drummer that have been playing together for over 13 years.

Emersons phone was ringing non-stop with messages from music labels all over the world who were trying to find out about the band. This got so annoying for his girlfriend that he ended up in her bad books for a few days.

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Schdroski said “The internet really helped us shape ourselves musically and create our sound. It’s the new way to do it I guess. We have a lot of different influences all over the place.”

The band will be opening for Ladyhawke on Feb 3, another Kiwi export from the Wairarapa, at a concert in Masterton.

Watch their hit video below