19 things that you will get if you’re from the North Shore

north shore
north shore
north shore

Auckland’s beautiful North Shore is a different world with its incredible empty beaches, friendly cafes, and relaxed lifestyle.

Let’s explore a few things that only North Shore people will understand:

  1. There are more dogs on the beaches than human beings.
  2. You say “North Shore” and people look at you like, “That is so far”.
  3. When you tell people where you live, people automatically think you are rich and live in a luxurious house but you know that that only applies to people living in Taka, Milford and Albany.  Actually, that’s most of the North Shore so they’re probably right.
  4. There‚Äôs at least one amazing playground near your house, and there’s a good chance a lot of your childhood memories were formed there.
  5. You usually wear jeans, a t-shirt, and Keds, the unofficial “Shore uniform”.
  6. Your school uniform consisted of: a JanSport or Country Road bag, MacBook, puffer jacket, iPhone, and black leather Converse.
  7. You and your high school friends hang out at Taka clubs; so great for your Facebook feed.
  8. Your Instagram posts all have the following hashtag #shorelife.
  9. The so-called “battle” between Westlake vs Rosmini vs Carmel vs Rangi vs Kristin continues. Parents even intervene it.
  10. You know that none of your non-Shore friends will come to visit you, so you will be the one to go and see them.
  11. You have to go all the way into the city to catch the Northern Express bus and then you’ll stand the entire trip, even if it’s a double-decker.
  12. Albany Mall is a “must-visit” on weekends.
  13. Your post-gym grocery shop always becomes another fitness challenge: you, in your active wear, carrying a heaving basket because you’ve bought way more things than you came for.
  14. Going into Milford is ill-advised unless you really like old people.
  15. When you take the ferry into the city you’re not lying when you say you’re “from overseas”.
  16. You had no trouble getting your driver’s license, and then you got to drive your parent’s car to school.
  17. There is only one road going to Devonport, and one road out.
  18. Commuting to work or school is just nonsense, because of the traffic (see #17).
  19. Takapuna beach was the final destination for all of your romantic dates.