10 Least Corrupt Countries In The World

Sweden Least corrupt country in the world 1

Corruption is one of the world’s biggest threats, it can be found in every nation. Until recently New Zealand has been the least corrupt country in the world shared equally with Denmark.

Every year the corruption perception index (CPI) is published and unfortunately this year New Zealand has slipped one point to the second least corrupt country in the world.

The global issue of corruption establishes bad governance, slows development and undermines the law. There is a number of countries where corruption is still at a very low level. Below is the 10 least corrupt countries in the world.

The CPI rating measures from 0 – 100. A score of 0 will indicate a highly corrupt country and a score of 100 will indicate a ‘perfect’ country without corruption.


10 Canada


CPI: 81 – Canada has one of the world’s most open and democratic parliamentary system, making Canada one of least corrupt countries in the world. Canada is also well known high quality of life, educational system and government transparency.

9 Luxembourg


CPI: 82 – Luxembourg is not only has some of the lowest corruption in the world, but is the richest and one of the smallest countries in the EU. Luxembourg is the only remaining sovereign Duchy in the world.

Luxembourg has a unitary parliamentary system based on a constitutional monarchy, with the government having a high concern about corruption.

8 Netherlands (Holland)


CPI: 83 – The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy with a unitary parliamentary system. The head of state is King Willem Alexander, he is in charge of appointing the high level representatives to government.

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The Netherlands has achieved a low level of corruption through their transparent judiciary and effective anti-corruption programs.

7 Singapore


CPI: 84 – Singapore also has a unitary parliamentary system based on the Westminster system. Singapore has a special agency called Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau which is used to investigate and to manage corruption.

Singapore’s judicial system is well known for its transparency and impartiality to law.

6 Switzerland


CPI: 86 – Switzerland’s government is based on a federal directional democratic republic system. The people of Switzerland have the right to influence the government through referendums.

The Swiss government one of most stable systems globally, because they have a strong legal framework and effective anti-corruption laws.

5 Norway


CPI: 86 – Mid way on the least corrupt countries is Norway which is governed by a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system.

Norway’s judiciary system is independent from executive and legislature branches, the country employs strict and efficient anti-corruption legislation. This helps Norway keep its high public sector standard.

4 Sweden


CPI: 87 – Sweden is well known for its high quality life, equality and education systems. The Swedish government is very transparent and stable, their government agencies consider corruption as an ‘abuse of power’.

Sweden has an efficient anti-corruption which investigates and prosecutes against corruption.

3 Finland


CPI: 89 – Finland’s leaders have a commitment to anti-corruption. The country is run by a parliamentary republic with the Prime Minister being the head of the government.

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The Finnish government has transparent and well run integrity systems. By having an independent judiciary and legal system, this also lowers corruption.

2 New Zealand


CPI: 91 – Once equal with Denmark, New Zealand is now the second least corrupt country in the world. The country is run with a parliamentary system and a constitutional monarchy.

It also helps to note that not a great deal goes on in New Zealand, any news of a cat up a tree may cause a stir with one of New Zealand’s media outlets.

The New Zealand government is based on the Westminster model and the judiciary system is independent from the executive branch and legislature. In that way the judiciary of New Zealand maintains the accountability and impartiality.

1 Denmark


CPI: 92 – Drum roll please… The least corrupt country in the world is Denmark, with a score of 92. Corruption in Government, business and in all other forms is very rare.

Denmark is not only famous for its low level of corruption, but the country also has a high standard of living, high social mobility, high literacy and equality.

Denmark is run with a unitary parliamentary system and constitutional monarchy. Denmark has a transparent mechanism, integrity, independent judiciary and social trust at the heart of the country.


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