42 of New Zealand’s best Slang Words


1. Eh – “It was cloudy this morning, eh?”
Pronounced “ay”, this versatile expression can be added to any kind of sentence. Be creative; you’ll fit right in.

2. Yeah nah – “Do you want a vanilla ice cream?” “Yeah nah, I’ll be right.”
Used mainly when a Kiwi has not yet decided what they think or what to say.

3. Bugger all – “How much money you got?” “Bugger all.”
If Kiwi’s have nothing left, this expression comes into use.

4. Bugger – *Something goes wrong* “Bugger!”
Uh oh, when something is not good, Kiwis use this typical curse word.

5. Chur – “Here’s a drink” “Chur”
This word can be used both on its own or in conjunction with another word. It means cool, amazing and awesome.

6. Bro & cuz – “Chur cuz” or “How’s it going bro?”
Literally “brother” or “cousin”, but in practice Kiwi folk feel free to use them on just about anyone!

7. The wops – “He lives out in the wops”
An unknown place, very far away.

8. Carked it – as in “Did you know Jimmy carked it the other day?” / “The car carked it”
This expression is mainly used when someone passes away, but it can be extended to describe the status of inanimate objects.

9. Munted – “That guy is munted as” or “I crashed my car and man, it’s munted!”
Tricky one, as this word has two meanings: 1) when describing a person, it means they are drunk; 2) when used to describe an object, it means the object is broken beyond repair.

10. Chocka – “Have you had enough to eat?” “Yeah, I’m chocka block” / “Can you fit this into your car?” “Nah, it’s chocka”
The word “block” is used with this expression. It means when someone or some thing is full to capacity.

11. Sus – “He looks a bit sus” or “That’s a bit sus”
Useful and straight to the point in a suspicious situation.

12. Piece of piss – “Can you build this Lego man for me?” “Yeah cuz, it’s a piece of piss”
This one’s not hard to guess: “Piece of piss” is Kiwi for “easy”.

13. She’ll be right – “Are the sausages burning?” “Nah, she’ll be right”
The expression means you can relax, whatever it is will be OK.

14. Taking the piss – “Can you work for a few more hours?” “You’re taking the piss, mate”
When a Kiwi says something that is either unreasonable or not believable, they are taking the piss.

15. Piss / Piss up – “Can you grab the piss out of the Ute?” or “I’m just going to go take a piss” or “Let’s have a piss-up”
Piss refers to either alcohol or urine, so listen carefully & use your best judgement. But piss-up ALWAYS means “party”.

16. Stink one – “Did you grab me a pie?” “No” “Aw, stink one ”
When someone has disappointed you, you can use this expression.

17. Keen – “Do you wanna go to the pools bro?” “Keen”
If you want something very much, use this word.

18. Jandals – “Don’t wear sneakers, wear your jandals”
Jandals mean flip flops, or just sandals.

19. Skux – “You look skux today” “Aw thanks bro”
Skux is used when someone has an amazing look; he is hot or awesome.

20. Nek minute – “I was at the dairy, nek minute…”
Nek minute means “next minute”.

21. Mare – “I’m having a mare today”
When you are experiencing difficult times, say they’re “mare”.

22. Pack a sad – “That kid is packing a sad”.
Packing a sad means you are having an outburst.

23. Gumboots – “Chuck on your gumboots and let’s go on the farm”
Gumboots are also known as wellington boots in foreign climes.

24. Beached as – “I can’t get off my bed, I’m beached as bro!”
Are you stuck somewhere? Oh no, you’re beached as!

25. Maaaate – “I forgot to buy you a bag of chips” “Aw, maaaaate”
Put some emotion into this one. Practice sounding disappointed, exasperated, slightly annoyed…

26. Choice – “I got you a pie” “Choice, bro!”
You guessed it, to Kiwi people this means “cool, thanks”.

27. Dag – “Linda is a dag”
Linda is either “amusing” or “uncool”.

28. Hard case – “Oh Sharon, she’s a hard case!”
If you have a Kiwi friend who is a little crazy, hard case can be used while speaking about him / her.

29. Hard out / hard – “Karen is so annoying” “Hard out, bro”
When strongly you agree with someone or something.

30. Egg – “You’re an egg” or “You’re a rotten egg”
Be careful with this word, it’s an insult.

31. Good as gold – “Everything is good as gold”.
Sweeeeeet as, bro.  (Everything’s great!)

32. Bloody – “That was a bloody great night out, wasn’t it?”
We Kiwis use this word in almost any sentence, as a superlative.

33. Tu meke / too much – “I got you a pie” “Too much, bro”
Originally a Maori phrase, it means good job.

34. Yarn – “Stop spinning a yarn” or “That was a good yarn”
A yarn is a “story”.

35. Skull – “Skull it now!”
Overheard in bars when someone is drinking too much or too fast, this is Kiwis at their supportive best.

36. Chilly bin – “The drinks are in the chilly bin, bro!”
Esky, ice box, cooler, a place where drinks are kept.

37. Hungus – “Stop being a hungus!”
In case you are keen on food, this word can be used.

38. Gizza – “Can you gizza drink bro?”
A shortened form of “give me”.

39. No worries – “Thanks for that!” “No worries, cuz”
Also used in other English speaking countries, this means “no problem”.

40. Not even ow – “Jack went to Jail” “Not even ow”
A difficult one to explain, you can use this word when you are surprised.

41. Yeah right – “John’s got a girlfriend” “Yeah right!”
When you do not believe what is said.

42. Bowl round – “I’m going to bowl round to your house” “Chur”.
Nothing at all to do with the word bowl, it means “to visit someone”.

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