New Zealand Slang: Wop-Wops

wop wops
wop wops

What is your favourite Kiwi Slang word? There is so many its almost confusing, well, we are here to help! This week we are taking a look at the slang term: Wop-Wops (AKA Woop-Woops).

Wop-Wops Definition: The middle of no-where. Often used when you are describing a far off place, or when you are lost. Can be found in many other countries, but New Zealanders consider it their own slang term.

Alternative Definition #1:
This is a New Zealand term for the unknown, gravelled or metalled roads or bush. It could be anywhere that’s in the middle of no-where and can be often shortened to simply wops.

  • “I’m from the wop wops, and I only go into town once a week”
  • “Going out Woopwoop, or going out to the bush, country”
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Alternative Definition #2:
New Zealand is full of wop-wops, and means a place far from other civilisation. Wop-wop it’s a funny word…

E.g. “Jerry, why did you turn down here? We’re in the middle of the Wop-Wops! Can’t you do anything right?”

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What do you think? What is your a best-Wop-Wops moment?