Maori Language for Beginners

maori nz
maori nz

New Zealand is a bilingual country. English and Te Reo are our national languages. Te Reo is not as widely spoken as English, but you’ll often hear some of these words and expressions in Kiwi conversation.

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Maori for beginners 

  • Kia Ora – hello, goodbye, thank you.
  • Haere Mai – welcome
  • Haere Ra – goodbye
  • Whanau – family
  • Whare – house
  • Ai – Yes
  • Kau – No
  • Kai – Food
  • Kai moana – Seafood
  • Kia ora tatou — Hello everyone
  • Tena koe — Greetings to you (said to one person)
  • Tena koutou — Greeting to you all
  • Kei te pehea koe? — How’s it going?
  • Kei te pai — Good
  • Tino pai — Really good
  • Ka kite ano — Until I see you again (Bye)
  • Hei konei ra — See you later
  • Mana – respect, status earned through actions
  • Ka Pai! – Good Work!
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Maori is a beautiful language and two most important words you should know