We are here to help, and this week we look at the Kiwi Slang term: Wop-Wops (or Woop-Woops).

Pretty much it means: in the middle of no-where, and the term can be found in many other countries, but we Kiwi’s like to think of it as our own slang word. What do you think is the best definition?

Wop-Wops Definition #1:
This is a New Zealand term for the unknown, gravelled or metalled roads or bush. It could be anywhere that’s in the middle of no-where and can be often shortened to simply wops.

  • “I’m from the wopwops, and I only go into town once a week”
  • “Going out woopwoop, or going out to the bush, country”

Wop-Wops Definition #2:
New Zealand is full of wop-wops, and means a place far from other civilisation. Wop-wop it’s a funny word…

E.g. “Jerry, why did you turn down here? We’re in the middle of the Wop-Wops! Can’t you do anything right?”

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What do you think? What is you best-Wop-Wops moment?

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