NZ Slang Survey: What is New Zealands Top Slang Word?

iLoveNZ embarked on this journey to find New Zealand’s ultimate slang word. This is the second slang survey we have run and this time around we didn’t expect to receive as much coverage as we did.

Thanks to the coverage from certain news sources, the 2019 New Zealand Slang Survey has been a massive hit. This year over 18,512‬ votes were received. We want to thank NZ’s media, for publishing our quirky little survey and giving us the boost we needed. 

iloveNZ is a community of almost 500,000 members who share one thing in common: We all love New Zealand! 

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This survey not meant to be as serious as it became; however, this is a defining moment where we now know which kiwi slang word is supreme!

The results

Based on average from 1-10.

#10 Ta: Thanks.
Score: 7.46/10

#9 Gutted: Disappointed.
Score: 7.62/10

#8 Tiki Tour: Taking the scenic route to a destination.
Score: 7.67/10

#7 Dairy: A local corner shop or superette.
Score: 7.68/10

#6 Yeah, Right: Sarcastic disagreement or disbelief at what someone said.
Score: 7.75/10

#5 Yeah, Nah: When you kind of get what the other person said and don’t entirely agree, or don’t care.
Score: 7.92/10

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#4 Chilly Bin: A cooler, portable ice chest, icebox, cool box.
Score: 7.93/10

#3 Togs: Swimming costume, swimmers or swimsuit.
Score: 7.99/10

#2 Knackered: Extremely tired, or object that is worn out, damaged by overuse.
Score: 8.02/10

#1 Sweet as: Very satisfactory, excellent.
Score: 8.34/10


We hope you enjoyed the 2019 survey results. What do you think? Add your comment below.