Top 33 NZ Slang Words That Don’t Make Sense

  1. Bach: (pronounced batch) is a holiday (or vacation) home, normally near a lake, beach, or river.
  2. Beached as: Been to the beach for a long time and suffering from sunburn.
  3. Chilly bin: Pronounced “Chilly bun”, to the rest of the world this is an esky, or cooler.
  4. Chur: Thanks bro!
  5. Cuzzie: Another way of saying cousin, but can be used for your friends… No one really knows what this means anymore.
  6. Dairy: Your local corner store, much like a newsagent or milk bar.
  7. HungusWhen you’re hungry as for a feed.
  8. Jafa: Just Another Fuc***g Aucklander. You will find that the rest of the country is jealous of our biggest city… No one really knows why.
  9. Jandals: Flip flops or thongs, definitely not roman sandals.
  10. Knackered: Totally exhausted, usually from some form of physical activity done ’til you can’t move and have to resort to Maccas and TV all afternoon.
  11. Maori Job: Considered racial, same as Half Pai.
  12. Munted: Buggered, or something that’s broken.
  13. Smoko: A break, morning or afternoon tea.
  14. Solid: That’s really awesome!
  15. Sook: A grown man who needs to harden up, as in “don’t be such a sook” – like a whimp, or a baby.
  16. Spots: or known as hot knives or bottle tokes. This is where two red hot knives are heated on an oven top to incinerate a small ball of a weed to inhale through a bottle with the arse end removed.
  17. Rangi: That’s farked.
  18. Root: Sex, one of New Zealands favorite past times. Did you know? Kiwi women are the most promiscuous in the world. New Zealand women have an average of 20.4 sexual partners, the global average is only 7.3…  Us Kiwis are having more than the global average every year, bro!
  19. Scodey: Something that’s rotten or gross.
  20. Shame: Used when someone is witnessed doing or saying something embarrassing, or when you hear a story about something embarrassing happening to someone.
  21. Squizz or looksee: Checking something out visibly, as in “give us a squizz”.
  22. Stoked: Happy, pleased that something went well.
  23. Shot: Thanks bro.
  24. Skux: Ladies Man, or someone who is well dressed.
  25. Slash: Really needing to go for a pee.
  26. Sucked the kumara: Something that’s extremely broken.
  27. Swannie: Often worn by South Islanders, AKA the basis for fashion of NZ. It’s just a checkered jersey with no style.
  28. Sweet as: That’s awesome, or cool.
  29. Takka: Food.
  30. Tiki tour: Getting to your destination, the hard way or via the long route.
  31. Up the boohai, or boowai: Something lost or gone awry.
  32. What owl: Means what did you say?
  33. Wop wops: Somewhere that is literally in the middle of nowhere, just like Palmerston North or Gore.

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