37 Reasons Why Auckland Should Be The Capital City of New Zealand

Auckland waterfall
Auckland waterfall


Wellington, let’s face it, your time is up! If you weren’t the capital city of New Zealand, there wouldn’t be any reason to talk about you on the news, besides when a roof gets blown off… With your gail-force winds, sub-zero temperatures in Winter…

Wellington isn’t exactly your typical holiday city or vacation destination, and there isn’t much to do is there? I mean, come to think of it, when you visit Wellington there is only one place to go and see… Te Papa!

Wellington does have a few things going for it, your picturesque hills, blue waters, cafes, great culture and of course you can’t beat Wellington on a good day … those 3 glorious days every year! There has been a lot of debate on whether Auckland should be the capital, below is a list of reasons why Auckland should be the capital, it pretty much already is!

Below are the main reasons Auckland City should be the capital of New Zealand.

  1. When you’re overseas Wellington isn’t really considered big enough to be a city.
  2. Auckland is home to the National War-Mamorial Museium, and you cant disagree with that.
  3. That’s right, no one knows of Wellington, when you’re overseas everyone asks: “Are you from Auckland?
  4. Everyone overseas is surprised when you tell them that Auckland isn’t the capital
  5. Auckland has the tallest building in the country.
  6. Auckland really knows how to impress their out-of-town friends.
  7. Alternatively, we could make Auckland the State Capital for NZ and finally join the Australian Federation.
  8. The bustling International airport means that tourists prefer to see Auckland first
  9. When you land in Auckland you don’t need a vom bag during landing
  10. The Prime Minister lives in Auckland. So did the last one.
  11. Though John Key did apologise, it’s a true fact when he stated that Wellington was a dying city.
  12. Anyone who has done business internationally knows that the business and financial world looks to Auckland.
  13. In Auckland you can enjoy the ocean, the water isn’t arctic cold!
  14. Auckland has the largest sea and air ports, welly is difficult to get into and out of
  15. As far as we know, Wellington is prone to earthquakes.
  16. Wellington’s awful weather.
  17. The infrastructure issues in Auckland will finally be fixed!
  18. Perhaps we could build a small parliamentary town on the outskirts of Auckland, by the ocean. Make sure it’s in a really nice location, beautiful, warm, secure, modernised, and employ an automated transport system. It won’t cost anything in real terms because existing parliament buildings can be sold off.
  19. It will help de-populate Auckland and make other places in NZ more attractive to immigrants.
  20. It’s already is New Zealand’s centre of power and economy in every sense.
  21. Auckland must be the capital so the rest of the world to take New Zealand seriously.
  22. If all the politicians moved to Auckland and all the creative people moved to Wellington, both cities will become what they are already supposed to be.
  23. Auckland can grow, whereas Wellington is stuck between hills.
  24. We can enjoy our drinks outside rooftop without the wind.
  25. It’s already is the capital, why is it taking such a long time?
  26. Auckland has the most diverse, most populous, and has a wealth of creativity which is unmatched nationwide.
  27. Auckland has Waiheke.
  28. Because of this, there’s a smaller version of nearly every country in the world here.
  29. Some of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever see.
  30. Auckland could open up a cardigan shop for when all the civil servants follow.
  31. Overseas newspapers constantly mistake Auckland as the capital.
  32. Auckland is called New Zealand’s Super City for a reason.
  33. Auckland has four seasons in one day, not one season all year.
  34. It’s the City of Sails, but not the city of gale-force winds and upturned umbrellas.
  35. There are beaches galore, black sand, white sand, take your pick.
  36. Auckland has more weekend getaways available.
  37. IUt’s too cold for your next holiday or vacation, when was the last time you heard someone say “I know, let’s go to Wellington for our next holiday!”
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