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13 Of NZ’s Most Important Icons


13 Chocolate fish


Undoubtedly a kiwi Icon is the Chocolate fish, often used as a common reward for a job well done. The confectionary is made of pink or white marshmallow covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate.

12 Tomato Sauce

A true Icon of New Zealand, made by Wattie’s, nothing says Kiwi Summer like Wattie’s Tomato Sauce. The sauce of choice at sausage sizzles, BBQ’s or with your fish and chips at the beach.

11 Peanut Slab

One of our favourite treats is the Whittakers peanut slab, this chocolate treat can be seen all throughout New Zealand. The slab is a chocolate and nut confection manufactured in Porirua that comes in various varieties.

10 Four Square

Operating over 280 stores across the country, the brand was developed in the 1920s by John Heaton Barker. The 4 Square image is often associated with the artist Dick Frizzell, who features the image on many pieces of work.

9 Hokey Pokey

One of the all-time classics is Hokey Pokey ice cream, this is a traditional desert, often served alongside the Pav. This classic favourite is Vanilla flavoured Ice-Cream with small pieces of crunchy toffee.

8 Gumboots

The other traditional footwear of Kiwi’s is the classic gumboot. It doesn’t matter if you are going to a wedding, international sporting event or to the cinema, gumboots are as part of the NZ culture as the sheep. Traditionally they come in black, but gumboots come in a range of colours to suit any style.

7 Kiwifruit

Often mistaken for an actual Kiwi bird by those who aren’t in the know, the Kiwifruit is actually named after the flightless bird, not the other way around. Kiwifruit were first introduced in the New Zealand by early settlers, and have become synonymous with New Zealand, and are a major export earner.

6 Jandals

If you grew up in NZ, you will recognise these as your favourite footwear. Worn to the big game or on a night out, Jandals are the footwear chosen by the nation. The jandal (or known to Aussies as ‘thongs’) is undoubtable an important part of any Kiwi wardrobe.

5 L&P (Lemon & Paeroa)

New Zealand’s iconic soft drink, if you ask any kiwi what soft drink they miss, this will always be #1. L&P was originally made using spring water from the town of Paeroa, making the name of this drink fairly obvious. If you’re ever passing through, try and see if you can find the original bottle.

4 Buzzy Bee

This is a popular Children’s Toy, it has been a part of New Zealand childhood since the early 1940’s. This wooden toy comes with wings that rotate and make a clicking noise as it’s pulled from a string.

3 Pavlova (or Pav)

Originally crafted in New Zealand (and later claimed by Australia) this dessert is a favourite amongst true blue Kiwi’s. It was named after the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, any authentic New Zealander will tell you the ‘Pav’ is a Kiwi invention.

2 Silver Fern

It is undeniable that New Zealanders are identified by the silver fern. Worn by many sporting teams, most famously; the All Blacks, and first worn in 1888. The silver fern is simple yet elegant and is proudly flown at all major sporting events that New Zealand attends. The silver fern was inspired by indigenous ferns of New Zealand.

1 Kiwi bird

As contrary to what many outsiders think, this is where New Zealanders get the name “Kiwi”. This majestic flightless, nocturnal bird is an icon of New Zealand. These little birds are very shy and only come out at night, which probably explains our drinking culture.

Well there you have it, is the top 13 kiwi icons. We may have missed your favorite icon from the list, please tell us below what you think is your favorite Kiwi Icon.