37 things you shouldn’t say to a kiwi

things you should never say to a new zealander kiwi funny
things you should never say to a new zealander kiwi funny
New Zealand Lanscape

40 things you should never say to a New Zealander

The stereotypical New Zealander is a chilled-out type who doesn’t let much get to them.  As a nation, we have a reputation for being relaxed.

Famous for our ‘whatever, dude,’ “can-do” way of thinking, you’d think it would be very hard to piss us off. However, everyone has their gripes, even us.

Below you’ll find various insulting phrases guaranteed to make us blow our cool:

  1. “So, New Zealand is part of the Commonwealth, and it means Britain technically owns you.”
  2. “Whereabouts in Australia are you from?”
  3. “Stick another shrimp on the barbie, mate!”
  4. “You come from Auckland, right?”
  5. “Football is much more better than rugby.”
  6. “Yes, yes, it’s called football and not soccer!”
  7. “New Zealand is nothing more than just that island by Australia.”
  8. “Are you wearing your flip flops to the beach?”
  9. “I would like them to change the flag.”
  10. “Are you  from New Zealand? Amazing, your English is really good.”
  11. “Who is Richie McCaw?”
  12. “We never met New Zealand on our world map at school.”
  13. “How many sheep have you shagged?”
  14. “It must suck that bands don’t bother coming this far.”
  15. “Oh, you know my friend? He moved there in 1989.”
  16. “So you are from New Zealand? It has always been my dream to visit Sydney.”
  17. “It must just be like Lord of the Rings.”
  18. “Have you ever traveled though Middle Earth?”
  19. “Actually, New Zealand isn’t that beautiful as many say.”
  20. “I have heard that pavlova is actually from Australia.”
  21. “Do you have access to Internet here?”
  22. “Russell Crowe is my favorite Australian actor.”
  23. “Sausage sizzMcDonaldsles are overrated.”
  24. “I think your toilet flushes the wrong way, doesn’t it?”
  25. “I’ll  visit you the next time I’m in Europe.”
  26. “It was the best decision to get rid of John Campbell.”
  27. “We don’t charge for ketchup at our fish and chip shops.”
  28. “A hot Christmas just isn’t the same.”
  29. “They are called Weet-a-bix not Weetbix.”
  30. “Flight of the Concords isn’t that cool.”
  31. “I learnt that ’ frozen cokes do not cost $1 anymore.”
  32. “Why do you pronounce ‘e’ so weird?”
  33. “Mince and cheese pies are gross.”
  34. “$1 lolly bags are pretty amazing value.”
  35. Vogels bread isn’t worth the hassle of double toasting.”
  36. “The Australian accent is so similar to yours; you think the same?”
  37. “I bet you can only get like five TV channels, eh?”