Which Once Were Warriors character are you?

once were warriers
once were warriers

Put your hand up if you don’t remember being smacked over the head by the visual and emotional assault that is Once Were Warriors.

1994 drama, Once Were Warriors, a dark tale about the dysfunctional Heke family exposed a dark vein of domestic violence, rape, suicide, and alcoholism, shocking cinema goers and propelling New Zealand cinema on to the world stage.

Twenty years later, New Zealanders voted it the best New Zealand film of all time in this poll.

To celebrate this piece of cinematic history we’ve put together a quiz. Find out which character you are most like – and try not to be offended!

How do you like to spend your Saturday nights?

How do you react when somebody pisses you off?

What hopes and dreams do you have for the future?

What's the worse thing that could ever happen to you?

What is your weakness?

Which of the following descriptions best describe you?

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