Wellington ranked the best place to live in the world after study of 47 cities by Deutsche Bank

wellington new zealand best city
wellington new zealand best city

Hey Auckland move aside – there is a new leader among us, even some of those cities across the Tasman can’t compete with Wellington.

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Our very own capital has been ranked the best place to live in the world.

Wellington is known as the culinary capital of New Zealand, and it’s tucked-away bars, quirky cafes, award-winning restaurants and great coffee.

It does not stop there, Wellington has also been ranked the #1 windiest city in the world!

The title comes following a Deutsche Bank global study of 47 cities, looking at everything from the cost of living, pollution, climate and house prices.

Wellington Ambassador and Wellington City Councillor Simon Woolf is pleased that Wellington has been ranked on top of the world.

“One of the things that tickles me is that Auckland did not feature, and in the top two there are no Australian cities either.”

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Acting Mayor Paul Eagle also said “Wellingtonians know we live in the best spot on earth, and now the rest of the world is hearing about it as well.”

Big cities like London and New York were in the bottom half of the table of 47 countries. Jim Reid the lead researcher noted that options for socialising and having fun were not a factor included in the calculations, which is why many people put up with the hassle of living in a big city.

“Megacities often offer aspirational qualities that the average citizen may strive towards and in return accept some quality of life impairment,” they added.

The top 5 cities

5. Zurich, Switzerland

Top of the purchasing power index, and second in both safety and pollution indexes.

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Zurich Switzerland

4. Melbourne, Australia

The third highest purchasing power of any city on the list, as well as top ten scores in healthcare, property price to income ratio, and climate.

melbourne australia

5. Vienna, Austria

Best healthcare of any city on the list, as well as being the sixth safest.

Vienna Austria

2. Edinburgh, UK

The best traffic commute time of any city, the second best health care ranking, and the third best pollution score it is easy to see why it ranks so high overall.

Edinburgh UK

1. Wellington, New Zealand

Officially the city with the world’s highest quality of life, according to Deutsche Bank, New Zealand’s capital has the least pollution of any city ranked, and finished in the top ten in four other categories.

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