Since Donald Trump declared his America First Policy – the guiding principle of his administration – many countries have striven to take the second seat.  Not all of them seriously.

First off the mark was the Netherlands, during the show Zondag met Lubach. It’s hosts introduced their country to Trump using language he could understand. It went viral.

Other countries followed, hilariously imitating the idea.


And the latest, comes from New Zealand’s own Jono and Ben.

Following their return to TV screens, Jono and Ben’s video introducing New Zealand to the 45th President of the United States of America is a winner.

‘’Welcome to this introduction video about New Zealand, it’s a tremendous country, you’re gonna love it”

                                                                                                           Gigantic carrot Ohakuni

We all know that President Trump likes great things. We think New Zealand has all those things – a giant L&P bottle, a gigantic carrot, and a big metal shed that looks like a dog.

Jono and Ben’s video puts New Zealand on track to be second, or even third, fourth, fifth, or anywhere, actually.

“Just not New Zealand First.”