Top 10 Countries with the Least Corruption 2017


Corruption occurs all around the world, and is a threat to democracy, human rights, and equality.

Luckily, there are countries in the world where there is little to no corruption. Here, we give you the 10 least corrupt countries in the world according to the transparency index.

10. Canada (CPI: 81)

Canada is a Commonwealth country with a parliamentary system consisting of 3 branches, and Queen Elizabeth II as its monarch. Due to its democratic system, corruption is very low. If you’re looking to start a new life, Canada is a great place to move to as it has high living standards, well-developed health and education systems, and of course, transparency.


9. Luxembourg (CPI: 82)

Another constitutional monarchy, Luxembourg is one of the smallest and wealthiest countries in the world. The issue of corruption is very important for the country so its administration is very transparent. The government is taking serious steps toward establishing anti-corruption laws.

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8. Netherlands (CPI : 83)

Famous for poppies and bicycles, in this constitutional monarchy the King appoints all government officials and the government is run by a Prime Minister. The government has many anti-corruption programs which help it to maintain its reputation.

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7. Singapore (CPI : 84)

Singapore’s Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) thoroughly examines all cases of corruption and takes necessary measures to maintain the integrity of government and society.


6. Switzerland (CPI : 86)

Known for its picturesque scenery, Switzerland has a democratic republic system. It means that people can have their vows in the activities of government. This system makes Switzerland as one of the most democratic countries in the world where anti-corruption laws are adopted.


5. Norway (CPI : 86)

In Norway, where a constitutional monarchy exists, the Prime Minister is the head of the government. Norway’s strict anti-corruption legislation and programs maintain high standards in the public sector.


4. Sweden (CPI : 87)

Globally known as a country with safety, equality, developed education, and health, Sweden is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy. The government highly condemns corrupt actions and keeps a special unit for investigating corruption issues.


3. Finland (CPI : 89)

Located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, Finland is a parliamentary republic with a government headed by a Prime Minister. Finnish politicians and leaders strongly stand against corrupt activities.


2. New Zealand (CPI : 91) 

New Zealand’s parliamentary system with its constitutional monarchy is considered the second least corrupt country in the world. Its government follows the Westminster model and prevention and detection of corruption is high on the government’s list of priorities.

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1. Denmark (CPI : 92) 

And finally, the least corrupt country in the world is Denmark, a country where it is very rare to hear of corruption of any sort. It can’t be a coincidence that Denmark is also known as country with equality, a high level of literacy, and high living standards.