Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to any of the products and services (Product or Products) listed on our website www.ilovenz.me (hereinafter referred to as “this Site”).

Please read these terms and conditions before ordering any Product from this Site. By ordering any Product from this Site, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


References to “us”, “we” or “our” are references to Ilovenz.me, employees and officers, unless otherwise stated.

These Terms and Conditions govern the supply from us of any Product ordered by you on this Site. By ordering Product from this Site, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions.

In these Terms and Conditions

“Account” means the account that you will need to register for on this Site
“Acknowledgement” or “Confirmation of Order” means our acknowledgement of your Order
“Business Day” means a day which is neither a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday anywhere in New Zealand;
“Contract” means your Order of a Product from this Site
“Customer” or “You” means the individual who places an Order on this Site
“Order” means the order submitted by you to this Site
“this Document” means the Terms and Conditions of this Site
“Senior Management” means any employee who works for Ilovenz.me that has the status of Senior Management

To be eligible to place an order with this Site, you must be over 18 years of age.


These Terms and Conditions applies any Order made on this Site for the sale and supply of Products. When an Order is submitted on this Site and it is accepted by us, is your unqualified acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions shall prevail over any separate terms put forward by you. Any additional conditions that send to us or propose in any form either verbally, in writing, or by email are not binding by us and will be excluded from this Document.

No additional terms or conditions or changes to this Document will be binding unless agreed in writing signed by Senior Management.

Formation of Contract

Whole initiating an Order on this Site, you must follow the instructions provided as to how to make order or make any changes on this Site.

Regardless of any price you may have seen or been quoted, once you select a Product you wish to purchase, you will then be displayed the charges you must pay including GST, shipping and additional fees on this Site. Unless otherwise stated; all charges on this Site are in New Zealand dollars.

You will be charged the full price of the Product and associated fees at the time of ordering by supplying us with your credit card, debit card, PayPal or other payment methods. This Site is not obligated to supply and Product without an accepted payment. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse any payment or form of payment, payments can be rejected for any reason whatsoever.

When supplying credit card details, you must be authorised to use that card. Any card supplied to this Site must have enough funds to cover the full payment of your Order.

You acknowledge that all details provided to us for the purposes of purchasing Product from this Site are correct and that by suppling any incorrect information will result in immediate refusal of service and a full refund will be issues to the original payment method.

All payments are subject to automated validation of your payment details before we provide you with the Product.

By submitting an order to this Site, you are agreeing that you are subject to these terms and conditions, it is your responsibility for reviewing and understanding the latest terms and conditions from this Site.

Orders are marked as valid until we confirm the order

We are not obligated to supply any product until we have accepted your order. You will receive an acknowledgement once we accept and process your order. At any time we may refuse to accept an order for any reason, including unavailability of supplies, we may offer an alternative product or a full refund.

Confirming your order

A contract is formed once we accept your order, once accepted, we are legally bound to supply your Product. Acceptance will take place when we notify you in the form of a communication called “Confirmation of Order” This may be in the form of a notification via this Site, email, SMS or phone call. You may receive an invoice from us any time after we have accepted your order, until the notification is sent, we reserve the right to decline any order. Once an order has been declined, we will automatically refund your funds.

If you have made a mistake with your Order please contact our customer service immediately. We hold no guarantees that we can amend your Order.


We deliver Orders to the place of delivery you have submitted to us.

We aim to deliver your orders within the time indicated however, we are unable to guarantee an exact delivery date. Our goal is to send your items within 2 working days from the date your order is accepted.

We will try our best to let you know if any delays are expected or we are unable to meet our expected delivery date. We are not liable for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses due to any late delivery.

When you receive your Product, you agree to inspect the Product for any faults, defects or damages before you sign for the delivery. It is your responsibility to keep any shipping receipts in relation to your Order.

It may not be possible to deliver to all locations. If this is the case, you will be notified and we will arrange for the cancellation of the Order or you may supply us with an alternative delivery address.

Any risk to the delivery of your Product is passed on to you upon delivery. When you receive your goods you must take care when opening the Product. If the product is damaged after you have received it we are not liable.

If you’re unable to accept delivery or collection, the postal or courier company may leave a card with instructions on re-delivery or collection from your local the carrier office.

If delivery of your Product is delayed by your refusal to accept delivery or collect it, then we reserve the right to take the following steps:

Charge for any storage fees and additional costs related to the storage of your product or

Cancel your Order and recall the Product back to our warehouse, you will then be refunded the full amount of your order less any additional storage or admin fees.

We don’t warrant that any Product meet your specific requirements. Furthermore, you understand that Product we supply to you is standard and not made bespoke to meet your individual requirements.

Order Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel your Order Contract at any time, this may be because the Product is not available for any reason. You will receive a notification if this was to happen, and we will return any funds that you have paid.

Order Cancellation by the Customer

To cancel your order please contact us. If you order has not been dispatched yet there will be no cancellation fee, however if your order has left our warehouse, then the order cannot be cancelled and the product must be returned according to our return policy.

Order Cancellation due to faulty product

We promise that your product will be delivered undamaged in the quantities ordered the Product will conform to the manufacturer’s standards.

Any product you purchase must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s intended purpose. It is your own responsibility to make sure the Product is used correctly. Any mis-use of Product may result in damage to the Product and will not be covered by our Warranties or be considered faulty product.

If you receive Product that is faulty or not as advertised, you agree to keep the Product in its current condition and return it to us for inspection within 14 days.

To fix any faulty Product, we require your assistance and prompt assistance by supplying is more detail about the issue. Which includes specifying with detail how the product may have been damaged or defective and providing us with the delivery details inducing the tracking number and a photo of the delivered package.

If you would like to return, exchange or gain a refund on the product and we find the product has been mis-used, abused, poorly taken care of, been used incorrectly, involved in an accident after delivery by us, then we will choose the remedy at our discretion. We shall not be liable to you for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses as a result of improper use of your Product.

Limitation of liability

By accessing this Site, creating an order or by using our Products you agree to indemnify us from the following liabilities for any the following:

loss of revenue, profits or any other financial transaction
loss of business, operation time, opportunity, goodwill or reputation
Data security

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Circumstances beyond our control (Force Majeur)

We hold no liability to you for any breach, hindrance or delay in the performance of a Contract attributable to any cause beyond our reasonable control.

Notification of changes

If there are any changes to this privacy policy, we will post them on our home page, so that you are completely aware of how the changes will affect you.