Taco Bell will open in New Zealand soon

taco bell night
taco bell night

After a long wait, it has been revealed that Taco Bell will open it’s first NZ store. The country’s largest KCF franchisee Restarunt Brands, plans to open Taco Bell stores in New Zealand by the end of 2020.

taco bell night
Taco Bell could open in New Zealand by 2020.. Copyright fee.org

Chief executive of Restaurant Brands Russel Creedy, said that Taco Bell will open its first store in the country in the “not too distant future”.

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“It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when … I can see it being in the not too distant future, a year or two, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Mexican food –  well a fast-food interpretation of it, has become one of the hottest cuisines in the “quick service restaurant” market.

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Restaurant Brands, who own KFC, Pizza Hutt, Starbucks, Carl’s Jr and Taco Bell, has had success with  Taco Bell in Australia and plans to do the same in New Zealand.