Billionaire Sir Richard Branson recommends cannabis instead of cows for Kiwi farmers

Billionaire Sir Richard hero
Billionaire Sir Richard hero
Billionaire Sir Richard hero

Businessman Sir Richard Branson has recommended that New Zealand legalize so that farmers can grow hemp instead of cows.

The billionaire Virgin-founder was in the country to give advice at a charity event. He said that he believes cannabis will be as viable as wine in 10 years. Branson stated that the war on drugs has failed, and it is now time to find other ways to deal with the drug problem, and look ahead to see the opportunities hemp can bring.

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“We’ve studied a lot on the war on drugs. It’s been a miserable fail, but we’ve got a valuable lesson. And what is completely clear to us is that drugs should be decriminalized and people who have drug issues should get professional help,” he told.

Branson advocated that New Zealand legalise, plant, tax, and control hemp production and sales.

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“I believe it would be amazing because evidently the quantity of dairy cows that New Zealand has is harming the rivers. You can plant cannabis on the part of that land and it would be more profitable,” he said.

Federated Farmers reacted to this by saying they would take it into consideration if it was deemed legal and profitable.