Sex workers and escorts listed as skilled workers by Immigration New Zealand

escort nz
escort nz

Migrants wanting to begin a new life in New Zealand can add another skill to their visa application. Would-be immigrants can now claim points as a skilled sex worker or escort.

escort nz
Applicants could claim points towards their VISA if they are paid at $36.44 p/hr

The skill is considered as giving companionship according to the ANZSCO list. To meet the criteria the would-be immigrants are required to qualify for ANZSCO level 5.

Prostitution is considered a legitimate business in New Zealand and applying as a skilled worker as a prostitute in New Zealand is still extremely difficult.

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“Even though prostitution is a lawful occupation, it is not an occupation that an immigrant can undertake on a temporary visa, sex work is specifically excepted,” said NZAMI spokesman Peter Moses.
“An applicant would have to be onshore lawfully and not working, or off-shore while applying for residence. And they would need a formal offer of employment – also not the rule.”

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Candidates of ANZSCO level 5 can only be considered skilled unless they earn more than NZ$36.44 per hour or NZ $75,795 per year.

If you would like to apply as a Sex Worker under the new scheme, click here.