Russian News Site says that most NZers die by the age of 65 due to drug addiction, obesity, snake bites, etc.

russia NZ
russia NZ

Check out this interesting story from our friends in Russia about Godzone.

russia NZ

A rather interesting article has been published in one of Russias top publications, and we wonder if this story was a joke or the person who wrote it only visited the township of Palmerston North, one will never know … pretty much the article states:

  • Kiwis are not used to working hard
  • Most of us die by the age of 65 due to snake bites
  • New Zealanders only start work in adulthood
  • It is terrible to live – there are many active volcanoes, earthquakes often happen
  • Marijuana is in every home… we wish!
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And if you lost you sense of humor and missed the joke, Palmerston North isn’t that bad, she probably got NZ mixed up with Papua New Guinea!