New Zealand may be one of the worlds youngest countries, but we have a full and rich history. How well do you know your home land?

Many people have said that our culture quizzes are too easy, so let’s try a harder quiz. Do you know NZ as well as you think you do?

New Zealand changed to decimal currency on the 10th of July in which year?


Who was the first European to discover New Zealand?



Where is New Zealand’s oldest surviving building?

Flickr: brian nz

Who is the only person to have held the position of Prime Minister and Governor-General



New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote – in what year?


Sir Edmund Hillary's occupation before he climbed Everest

Craig Primrose


What was the name of Captain James Cook’s ship?

In what year did Maori become an official language of New Zealand?

Waipapa Marae


In which year did by Letters Patent New Zealand become the "Realm of New Zealand"?

The Treaty of Waitangi was signed in what year?

Human Rights Commission


On what day in 1915 did the ANZACs land at Gallipoli?

Minute of Silence

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