New Zealand’s beauty can be taken for granted and we don’t deny it, this place is beautiful!

Not only do we have one of the most beautiful Leaders, but we also are also officially the 3rd most beautiful country in the world!

Rough Guides asked their readers to vote on the most beautiful country in the world, and New Zealand come in third <3

Rough Guides, which produces travel guides, said “With spectacular mountains, incredible lakes and sprawling national parks, New Zealand makes for the adventure of a lifetime. The locals call it Godzone”.

New Zealand has been described as “With craggy coastlines, sweeping beaches, primeval forests, snowcapped mountains and impressive geysers, the scenery is truly majestic.”

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Rough Guides goes on further to say “Year after year, travellers list New Zealand in the top ten of places they’d like to visit – and you never meet anyone who has been and didn’t love the place.”


Which countries took the top spot? I can tell you this, Canada’s majestic landscapes came in second, and you will have to scroll down to see who took the top prize!


10. Wales

9. USA

Monument Valley, Utah.

8. Iceland

7. England

6. Indonesia

5. South Africa

4. Italy

3. New Zealand

2. Canada

1. Scotland


Hey I’m Simon, I work for, I love this amazing country. I’m here to help make your experience better, send us an email if you have any comments or suggestions.



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