Sex workers and escorts listed as skilled workers by Immigration New Zealand

An international report has found no evidence of trafficking in New Zealand's sex industry, but evidence of migrant exploitation.

Migrants wanting to begin a new life in New Zealand can add another skill to their visa application. Would-be immigrants can now claim points as a skilled sex worker or escort.

Applicants could claim points towards their VISA if they are paid at $36.44 p/hr

The skill is considered as giving companionship according to the ANZSCO list. To meet the criteria the would-be immigrants are required to qualify for ANZSCO level 5.

Prostitution is considered a legitimate business in New Zealand and applying as a skilled worker as a prostitute in New Zealand is still extremely difficult.

“Even though prostitution is a lawful occupation, it is not an occupation that an immigrant can undertake on a temporary visa, sex work is specifically excepted,” said NZAMI spokesman Peter Moses.
“An applicant would have to be onshore lawfully and not working, or off-shore while applying for residence. And they would need a formal offer of employment – also not the rule.”

Candidates of ANZSCO level 5 can only be considered skilled unless they earn more than NZ$36.44 per hour or NZ $75,795 per year.

If you would like to apply as a Sex Worker under the new scheme, click here.