Qantas pushes for Passport-free travel between Australia and NZ

Imagine flying from New Zealand to Australia and not needing a passport!

  • Qantas boss is pushing ahead with plans to make flying across the Tasman just like domestic travel.
  • Flights would leave from domestic terminals rather than international terminals.
  • Flyers won’t need a passport when traveling between Australia and New Zealand.
  • Joyce says the plan would make it easier for business travelers and tourism.

Qantas boss Alan Joyce is pushing forward with plans to remove the need for passports when traveling between Australia and New Zealand. This is big news for both countries, and one which could see closer economic ties between the two nations.

© Getty Images – Alan Joyce the Qantas Boss states that there is no real reason why traveling between Australia and New Zealand should not be be considered domestic travel.

At a meeting in New Zealand’s capital, Mr Joyce said that flying between the two countries should be just like any domestic trip, the Australian Financial Review reported.

‘We think that Australia-New Zealand should have as seamless access as possible. There’s no reason why travel between the two countries should be not like travel within New Zealand,’ Mr Joyce said.

‘It should be the same. It would make it easier for business travelers and it would make tourism a lot easier. From an infrastructure perspective what it does is improve our efficiency dramatically because we can use domestic terminals.’ said Joyce.

Under the new plans, anyone who travels between the two countries could use domestic terminals.  This would reduce time and considerable costs for travelers.

What do you think? is this a ‘pie in the sky’ idea, or will it actually happen? Or, is this just a ploy for Qantas to save money?

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  • David Ireland

    Umm… we used to have this until the Aussie government stopped it!

  • Karen Harris

    Would be great if it happens soon!!

  • Neville Brown

    When I flew to Aussie in the ’60’s I didn’t need a passport. Just going back to what we already had!!

    • Donna Allender

      It was the same when I came to Australia in 1980. It would be great to go back to that

    • Rita Richards

      things are different now, I think to have no passport control, it would leave N Z open all and sundry that wanted to get in, and that would not be good for NZ, I think in this day and age passport control should alot stricter to keep drugs out,Criminal etc.

  • Dorothy Chandler

    Would be cool if this does happen will make it cheaper for me to fly there as at mo I would need 3 pasports and being a solo mum that is hard to get as they cost so much

  • Marion Tupaea

    Really can’t see it happening, how are they gonna screen people?

  • Greg Thomas Smith

    it would be great

  • John Wenban

    Is Alan Joyce going to pay Customs to staff the domestic terminal? Border Force currently restricts Nzders with major criminal history from entry. And what about the drugs coming from Sth America via NZ.
    It may be cheaper for Qantas but more expensive for the Australian Government.

  • Hineata Eriwata

    It wont happen you will still be searched on departure, customs or not. The reasons why it was introduced in the first place. Joyce doesn’t have any say, he’s just looking at his salary, sure it will be great but not practically wise for the safety and consciences for both ends of the countries.

  • Graeme McGrath

    It used to be passport free but changed in the 1970’s due to the criminal element using New Zealand as a stepping stone to enter or flee to Australia.

    Better control at the border using the current method.

    • June

      The criminal element of passport free travel exists in the EU as well. They can manage and so can we.

  • Rutybear

    Not so good for New Zealanders travelling further afield than Australia (and many do). Having to get off your flight from NZ and go through the extra hoops of say Sydney domestic terminal transfer to Sydney International terminal and its’ horrible customs queues. Yucko. It is currently so much easier because you bypass all that with the streamlined NZ customs queues and staying in the AU international terminals until your onward flight.

    The idea has some convenience merit for me though, being an Aussie living in NZ with family all over the country.


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