Breaking News – New Zealand’s Prime Minister Resigns After His Wife Threatens To Leave Him

john key wife
john key wife
Image courtesy of ABC

Breaking News – New Zealands Prime Minister Resigns!

John Key announced in a statement this morning that he will be resigning as the leader of the national party. Key stated “This is the hardest decision I’ve ever made and I don’t know what I’ll do next.”

John Key stated that family reasons for leaving, saying the job had required great sacrifices. His wife Bronagh has endured “many lonely nights” and his children Stephie and Max have also been put under “extraordinary levels of intrusion”.

Inside sources state that the marriage has been on rocky grounds for some time, and that his wife was making plans to leave him. This statement has since been denied, however we have been informed by a close family friend this is not the case.

You can watch Keys announcement below.


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  1. what a piece of total garbage! the “reporter” too slimy to even put their name to it. When you read “sources state” you know that its a pile of shite!

  2. Because he knew he was going to lose the next election and the TPP / Housing / Economy / Dairy / Earthquake messes were ‘Too hard’. He is a master of market timing as an ex Wall Street employee. NOTHING to do with wife or life – just knows the sh(one)t is about to hit the fan. Will get a nice little retirement ‘job’ courtesy of his mates.

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