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New Zealand Slang: The 22 Most Insulting NZ Slang Words

Caution, strong language: We have done it before, showing you the top Kiwi slang words. For such a lovely nation, we have a dirty little secret… We have some highly offensive words!

This list is the top kiwi swear words or insults. If you want to upset someone, you have found the right place.

The list below is highly offensive – we almost didn’t post it, because this list is full of the Most Offensive Kiwi Slang Words. If you are looking for something nicer, pop over to the top kiwi slang words, but proceed with caution …

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  1. Bung: Bad or broken
  2. Butter: She’s got a hot body, but her face!
  3. Doongi: Dumbass
  4. Teko: Sh*t
  5. Slong: Pen*s
  6. Maori Job: Shit workmanship
  7. Hairy fern hole: Butt hole
  8. Haunga Teke: Smelly Vag*na
  9. Grenade: Ugly female
  10. Scodey: Something rotten, disgusting, unpleasant in any sort of expression
  11. F**k wit: Idiot
  12. Fob: Fresh off the boat/Polynesian
  13. Fafa: Cross dresser/feminine male
  14. Whakianga mai: F**k you/off
  15. Munter: Slow/ret***ed
  16. F**k off donkey: Go away idiot
  17. Homo: Homos***al
  18. Ure iti: Small d*ck
  19. Woodpecker: Female who enjoys sucking c**k
  20. Laho: C***t
  21. Gook: Asian
  22. Queer c**t: Useless
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