New Zealand ranked the best place in the world to live


A new survey has revealed that New Zealand is the world’s best place to live.

New Zealand takes the first place in a ranking list of The Legatum Prosperity Index, and is ahead of 26 wealthier countries because of its unsurpassed ability to wealth and prosperity.

The Legatum Prosperity Index rankings are focused on a country’s welfare, freedom, health, social ties, business potential, governance, nature, education and security.

The institute said “Free markets, free people and the world’s strongest society guarantee that New Zealand is on the top spot in the Prosperity Index.”

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Norway made second place of the ranking, with Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom closing the top 10.

Burundi, Angola, Mauritania and Iraq took the last rows of the table.

“New Zealand has ranked first in the Prosperity Index for six of the last ten years. Except for a small prosperity drop as a result of the 2008 global financial crisis and the instant impact of the Canterbury Earthquakes, New Zealand’s prosperity has been grown up, particularly since 2012,” the institute’s report said.

NZ is also number one in the rank by social strength. 99 percent of New Zealanders believe they can count on family and friends in times of struggle, which suggests that not only do we have robust social ties, but also general health and prosperity.

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“This social strength has been confirmed globally to not only have an essential influence on well being, but on economic growth also,” the index said.

NZ’s healthcare system is also highly appreciated by The Index.

However, New Zealand took 15th place in the education ranking.