New Zealand offering free counselling for all 18-25 year olds

tara on top of taranaki
tara on top of taranaki

The New Zealand Government has announced that it will provide free counselling for 18-25 year olds.

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In a historic move, 18-25 year olds will be able to access life changing counselling. This will be the first major step on the way to fulfilling a pledge by the Green Party’s to provide free counselling for everyone aged 25 years and under.

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Getting in early with mental health issues is key and many young people with mild to moderate mental health need help, this programme will help New Zealand’s youth get the best start in life.

Research shows that ¾’s of all lifetime cases of mental illness start by 25 years of age. Showing the importance of providing support for our young people as soon as possible.

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