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New Zealand Rated The Most Prosperous Country In The World

new zealand personal freedomnz
new zealand personal freedomnz

Free people, Free markets and the strongest multicultural society gives New Zealand top position from 149 countries in the Global Prosperity Index.

New Zealand is a small country, and we manage to outperform globally in many ways. The latest achievement for our island nation: New Zealand takes the top spot in the Prosperity Index!

For the past six years New Zealand has ranked first in the Prosperity Index. Except for a small drop in 2008’s financial crisis and Canterbury earthquakes, New Zealand has come out really well.

New Zealand’s rise to the top has been driven by a well-formed and stable government. As opposed to what the opposition thinks, New Zealand has excelled in economic and health policies.

You can read more into the data behind the rankings or we have listed New Zealand’s performance below

Business Environment


Economic Quality



Safety & Security

Personal Freedom

Social Capital

Natural Environment

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