new zealand most popular slang
new zealand most popular slang

Every country has its own slang and New Zealand is no exception. It’s so bad that it could be considered some of the most confusing.

If you can get over the Kiwi accent and what we really mean when we ask for a pen, six or call someone Ben. You will notice that New Zealand has its own set of very unique slang. You will find a lot of strange words from Chur, Stoked or even Chook. It’s hard being the new kid on the block so we have created this list of the top Slang Word’s you will find in New Zealand.

Once you have become familiar with this list, you will be a true Kiwi in no time.

This post started off as a simple list of 33 words and now we have 97! Please understand that some racial terms have been added. We considered not including these however, it is in your best interest to know these words to avoid offending anyone.

Have we missed any? Please send us your top slang words in the comments below.

  1. Ay?: Just like saying “aye”, but with a rise at the end. Kiwis are a very unsure bunch and this really means… Are you sure that’s okay?
  2. Bach: (pronounced batch) is a holiday home, normally near a lake, beach or river.
  3. Beached as: Been to the beach for a long time and suffering from sunburn.
  4. Beaut: Awesome, or that something is amazing!
  5. Bench: In UK it’s a worktop.
  6. Billy: A kettle, came from the old camping billy.
  7. Boot as in boot of car: In the states its known as a trunk.
  8. Bottle shop: In UK it’s off licence or office.
  9. Box of fluffy ducks or a box of fluffies: Used when something is working well or going your way.
  10. Chilly bin: Pronounced “Chilly bun” or to the rest of the world this is an esky or cooler.
  11. Chocka: Something that is full.
  12. Choice: Used to describe something as being awesome or great.
  13. Chur: Thanks, bro!
  14. Crib: Also commonly used around the world, but in NZ this is another word for Bach aka holiday home.
  15. Curry Muncher: Bit of a racist term used for people who like Currie… or from India.
  16. Cuzzie: Another way of saying cousin, but can be used for your friends… No one really knows what this means any more.
  17. Dairy: Your local corner store, much like a newsagent or milk bar.
  18. Doggie bag: When you ordered too much and you’re too cheap to let good food go to waste, this is when you ask for a doggie bag to take the leftovers home.
  19. Durrie: A ciggie, or cigarette.
  20. Eftpos: Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale. It’s that machine you swipe your ATM card on when you buy something.
  21. Far out or Far bro: Used in conversation as “oh really” or “wow man”.
  22. Felts: Textures, Markers.
  23. Fizzy: Meaning soft drink or soda.
  24. Flannel: A cloth used to wash your face.
  25. Garage: A Service station, a place where you take your car and pay for someone else’s kids to go through university.
  26. Giz: Give me, or please pass me something.
  27. Gone owl: Means what are you doing?
  28. Grouse: Awesome, wonderful, the best or amazing.
  29. Gruts: Underwear.
  30. Gumboots: Same as your wellingtons or rubber boots used on a farm.
  31. Guz-a-look: Hey bro, guz a look? When we really want to see something.
  32. Half Pai: A job done poorly.
  33. Hard case: Someone with a great sense of humour, funny person.
  34. Hash browns: Grated potato patties, not made from drugs!
  35. Heaps: A lot of something, or too much of something.
  36. Hori: Pronounced Whorey, something that is farked, old or gross.
  37. HungusWhen you’re hungry as for a feed.
  38. Jafa: Just Another Fuc***g Aucklander. You will find that the rest of the country is jealous of our biggest city… No one really knows why.
  39. Jandals: Flip flops or thongs, definitely not roman sandals.
  40. Jersey: Common around the world, usually a warm jumper.
  41. Joker: Same as bloke, a kiwi male.
  42. Judder bar: A speed hump which is used for slowing down fast cars.
  43. Kai: Maori word for food.
  44. Kiwi: Our National Bird.
  45. Kiwi Fruit: A fruit that you eat.
  46. Knackered: Totally exhausted, usually from some form of physical activity till you can’t move and have to resort to Maccas and TV for the afternoon.
  47. Lolly: AKA Candy or sweets.
  48. Maccas: Commonly used in Australia as well, another name for Mc Donalds.
  49. Maori Job: Considered racial, same as Half Pai.
  50. Mean: That’s awesome!
  51. Mozzie: Another word for Maori’s in Ozzie, but really it’s a type of sand fly.
  52. Munger: Food.
  53. Munted: Buggered or something that’s broken.
  54. Muppet: Originally used in the UK but commonly used in NZ as well. Used when someone does or says something idiotic. Can  also describe a person who is idiotic or hopeless in general.
  55. Nah, yeah: Yea mate.
  56. Puka ru ow: Not working bro.
  57. Puku: Maori word for stomach or tummy.
  58. Rangi: That’s farked.
  59. Ripper: Terrific or fantastic.
  60. Root: Sex, one of New Zealands favorite past times. Did you know? Kiwi women are the most promiscuous in the world. New Zealand women have an average of 20.4 sexual partners, the global average is only 7.3…  Us Kiwis have more than the global average every year 😛
  61. Rust Bucket: APiece of S**t car, AKA a Ford Escort.
  62. Scodey: Something that’s rotten or gross.
  63. Scroggin: Pretty much the same as Trail Mix, except you must not forget the Pineapple Lumps.
  64. Scull: When alcohol is around, it means drink your entire vessel of beer/wine as fast as you can.
  65. Shame: Used when someone is witnessed doing or saying something embarrassing, or when a story about something embarrassing happening to someone is heard.
  66. Shark and tattie: Fish and chips.
  67. She’ll be right: Its ok or not a problem.
  68. Shot: Thanks bro.
  69. Skux: Ladies Man, or someone who is well dressed.
  70. Slash: Really needing to go for a pee.
  71. Smoko: A break, morning or afternoon tea.
  72. Solid: That’s really awesome!
  73. Sook: A grown man who needs to harden up, as in “don’t be such a sook” – like a whimp or a baby.
  74. Spots: or known as hot knives or bottle tokes. This is where two red hot knives are heated on an oven top to incinerate a small ball of a weed to inhale through a bottle with the arse end removed.
  75. Squizz or looksee: Checking something out visibly as in “give us a squizz”.
  76. Stoked: Happy, pleased that something went well.
  77. Sucked the kumara: Something that’s extremely broken.
  78. Sunnies: Sunglasses.
  79. Swannie: Often worn by South Islanders, AKA the basis for fashion of NZ. It’s just a checkered jersey with no style.
  80. Sweet as: That’s awesome, or cool.
  81. Ta: Sweet as, or thank you I really appreciate what you have done.
  82. Takeaways: Fast foods ie: fish n chips.
  83. Takka: Food.
  84. Tiki tour: Getting to your destination, the hard way or via the long route.
  85. Togs: For use when you go swimming, call them your swimming gear or trunks. Just don’t go too far away from the beach.
  86. Tramping: Going on a hoke or day walk in the bush.
  87. Trolley: Commonly known as a shopping cart to the rest of the world.
  88. Twink: Correction fluid, white out or liquid paper.
  89. Undies: See Gruts:
  90. Up the boohai, or boowai: Something lost or gone awry.
  91. Varsity: University or an overpriced school that teaches information that is outdated by the time you leave.
  92. Wee: Could be considered small or insignificant.
  93. Westie: A person who lives in West Auckland… Often seen to be wearing singlets and sporting a mullet.
  94. What owl: Means what did you say?
  95. Wop wops: Somewhere that is literally in the middle of nowhere, just like Palmerston North or Gore.
  96. Yeah Right: In conversation with someone and having doubt of what they are saying.
  97. Yeah, nah: Could be yes, could be no. If spoken, be very wary of this one, nobody really knows the answer to this one.

Did we miss any? Let us know below or try our Kiwi Slang Quiz