29 more NZ Slang Words that no one really understands



ilovenz is at it again with another 29 kiwi slang words that no-one really understands!

We Kiwis are well known for our slang words but to be honest, after growing up here and living in this amazing country for more than 30 years, some slang words still confuse me!

Newcomers soon get over the Kiwi accent and easily understand what we mean when we ask for a pen, ask for six, or call someone Ben. But there are still a lot of strange words, from Chur, to Stoked, to Chook.

Newbies, we feel your pain, so for you we have added another 26 slang words to our original list:

  1. Jersey: Commonly worn around the world, this is usually a warm jumper.
  2. Knackered: Totally exhausted, usually from some form of physical activity done until you can’t move and have to resort to Maccas and TV for the afternoon.
  3. Lolly: aka Candy, or a sweet.
  4. Joker: Same as bloke, a kiwi male.
  5. Judder bar: A speed hump which is used for slowing down fast cars.
  6. Kai: the Maori word for food.
  7. Kiwi: NZ’s national bird.
  8. Kiwi Fruit: A fruit that you eat. Nothing to do with the bird.
  9. Maccas: A term also commonly used in neighbouring Australia, this is another name for McDonalds.
  10. Maori Job: Considered racial, same as Half Pai.
  11. Mean: That’s awesome!
  12. Mozzie: A word for Maori’s in Australia (Comb. “Maori” + “Ozzie”), this word is most typically used in place of “mosquito”.
  13. Munger: Food.
  14. Muppet: Originally used in the UK, now also commonly used in NZ when someone does or says something idiotic. Can also describe a person who is idiotic or hopeless in general.
  15. Pineapple Lumps: Chocolate covered pineapple candy.
  16. Puka ru ow: Not working bro.
  17. Puku: Maori word for stomach or tummy.
  18. Rangi: That’s farked.
  19. Ripper: Terrific or fantastic.
  20. Tiddy Beer: Your kuds favourite toy.
  21. Iggs: Laid by chickens and often enjoyed with evercardo on toast.
  22. Fush:) Found in the sea and enjoyed with chups.
  23. Rust Bucket: A Piece of S**t car, aka a Ford Escort.
  24. Root: Sex, one of New Zealand’s favorite past times. Statistically Kiwi women are among the most promiscuous in the world. New Zealand women have an average of 20.4 sexual partners in their lifetime, against the global average of only 7. This must mean us Kiwis are gettin’ some more than the global average each year!
  25. Munted: Buggered; something that’s broken.
  26. Hungus: When you’re hungry as for a feed.
  27. JAFA: Just Another Fuc***g Aucklander. You will find that the rest of the country is jealous of our biggest city… No one really knows why.
  28. Jandals: Flip flops or thongs, definitely not roman sandals.
  29. Nah, yeah: Yea mate.
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