Should un-vaccinated Kiwi kids be banned from attending Kindergarten?

vaccination nz children
vaccination nz children

vaccination nz children

It’s caused a lot of controversy across the Tasman, but it seems Kiwis have little to no interest in seeing the NZ government change our approach to un-vaccinated children.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is pushing for a policy to exclude all un-vaccinated kids from attending child-care around the country.

New Zealand Labour Party‘s leader Andrew Little has said its worth considering following the Australian PM’s lead.  However, Deputy PM Paula Bennett says it’s an “extreme stance” to ban un-vaccinated kids from kindies.

It seems there are a lot of strong views on this subject. What do you think?

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  1. As long as the law allows for children who cannot be immunised, it is an easy decision really.

    If you want to be part of the minority and choose to avoid the provably minor (minor) risk of adverse events, in favour of the very real risks of preventable illnesses, you have no right to risk the well-being of the majority of us, whilst also enjoying the social benefits of things like publicly funded schools and preschools.

    I know, I know, most of you voluntary unvaxxed are simply following what you think is best. But I ask, what do you the rest of us are doing?

      • Yes that’s exact what I’m telling you. Vaccines eliminate the risk of contracting a wide range of specific infections for most people. They also lessen the severity of the illness in those for whom the level of immunity is lower.

        But they don’t magically protect people before they complete all the required doses, such as babies or immigrants who did not have access to vaccines, people taking anti-rejection drugs after an organ transplant, or the children of those parents who refused to vaccinate them.

        Vaccinations also don’t have any special ability to stay protecting people when their immune system is compromised, such as our elderly, people having radiation therapy, bone marrow transplants, AIDS sufferers, etc.

        So yes, vaccinations don’t work, which is why so many people are still dying every day from preventable diseases.

  2. Being in Australia and having a little one that would benefit from going to kindy I find it bloody disgusting of the government! I won’t be coerced into jabbing my child with vaccines he doesn’t need, such as Hep B. The government can shove their handouts, as I refuse to tox my baby up or allow him to be their guinea pig for their money making schemes. They have 200 more vaccs in the pipeworks, Sickos!

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