How Your Non-profit Can Benefit From Managed IT Services

While working for a non-profit organization, you often become a ‘jack of all trades’ of sorts regardless of the size of the non-profit organization. In most cases, the head of a non-profit organization may be required to handle logistics, offer tech support and take care of marketing matters. An effective way to reduce the IT workload of a non-profit is to work with a managed service provider.

When non-profit organizations employ Managed IT support, the whole can focus on making the organization’s mission fulfilled. More time is actively spent in doing tasks, achieving goals, and driving the organization’s mission instead of spending precious time trying to solve the organization’s tech problems.

The benefits of using managed IT services for non-profit organizations are discussed in this article. Let us now get to the nitty-gritty of the subject.

Flexibility and Scalability

Every organization has needs and these needs are ever-changing. The same is true of nonprofits. Since these needs are diversified and changing, an organization may have greater IT needs during the months or weeks leading up to major fundraising events, such as an annual general meeting, or while working on landmark projects.

As your organization’s needs change year-round, you need the best IT solution that will meet them. Managed IT services can easily be scaled up or down, depending on and to meet your organization’s needs.

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Your non-profit may have to review several IT solutions before finding the best fit. Managed IT services allow flexibility in this case as you can achieve more without having to pay for a lot of subscriptions and products. You may find it helpful to adopt a bring your device (BYD) policy to be efficient and cost-effective.

Quick Response Times and Support

Hiring an MSP implies that you have a reliable hand to attend to your organization’s tech problems 24/7. With technology constantly evolving, new patches are regularly released to rectify security issues or fix bugs in a system. Where an MSP is present in a non-profit organization, there is access to these patches and updates, and support is provided should there be a serious problem such as a power outage that disrupts the system.

Overall, when your IT services are managed by an MSP you need not worry about your organization’s tech problems as there’s always someone available to fix them even before you realize there’s a problem.

Consistent Costs and Budgeting Parameters

Employing Managed IT services helps you keep your organization’s technology costs in check. Since you will not be paying for tech solutions and products you will not be needing or unsure of their efficacy, you can adopt a streamlined approach to IT solutions that involves knowing exactly your organization’s monthly tech cost which in turn helps you create an overall budget for your non-profit organization.  Having a clear understanding of your monthly tech costs will also help you plan for fundraisers and donation goals for the year.


Donor Management and Data Security

One of the main goals of a Managed IT services provider is to help organizations maintain data and network security which is a vital part of a non-profit organization seeing that donor’s information needs to be kept safe and protected from cyber-attacks and network breaches.

Organizations will go to great lengths to keep information secure and protected from frauds and other third-parties. In the wrong hands, information can be used to wreck damages. With managed IT services, non-profit organizations can sleep soundly knowing that donations and donor information are kept safe and protected and are not susceptible to exposure from network breaches.