Only 1/8 of Kiwis will get 100% on this test, are you are true Kiwi?

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Have you ever been mistaken for an Australian and do you take your jandals, your togs and your chilly bin to your bach?

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You prefer Marmite to Vegemite

Have you ever had an argument over the origins of pavlova?

Do you know what a ‘bach’ is?

Did you grow up eating chocolate fish?

And pineapple lumps?

And Whittaker’s chocolate?

And pineapple lumps?

And Hokey Pokey ice cream.

Oh, and Goody Goody Gumdrops ice cream too?

Is NZ wine is the best on Earth?

When travelling, you’ve had countless people ask you to say ‘fish and chips’ and ‘six’.

Have you ever been asked an inappropriate question about sheep?

Have you ever eaten a whitebait patty?

Have you ever drunkenly performed the Haka?

The underarm bowling incident of 1981 still haunts you.

Have you ever been mistaken for an Australian?

Do you know anyone who worked on either Xena or Lord of the Rings?

Have you ever been transfixed by the Cuba Street Mall fountain?

It's only Wattie’s tomato sauce or nothing else?

Have you ever said "Choice"?

Or "Chur"?

You've watched every episode of Brotown?

And Outrageous Fortune?

You fly Air New Zealand for their safety videos and their lollies.

Did you go on a big OE after high school?

Have you ever tried in vain to explain a flat white to Americans?

You know that you must always blow on the pie

Is L&P is the best?

Do you know what a JAFA is?

Do you prefer paua fritters to potato scallops?

Have you ever been excited when you hear New Zealand mentioned on an American TV show?

Have you spent way too many hours of your life inside the Warehouse?

Do you know the pain that comes from being left off the map?

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